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Boros Legion

Clad in shining armor and fueled by righteous zeal, the soldiers of the Boros Legion take up steel against the corruption and lawlessness that gnaw at the soul of Ravnica. Combining the force of law with the military strength to back it up, the Boros work to forge Ravnica into a just society, a safe and healthy community for all. From garrisons throughout the sprawling city, disciplined, stalwart soldiers are dispatched to stand firm against Gruul raids, Golgari corruption, and the subtle influence of more nefarious foes.   Angels occupy the highest tier of the Boros hierarchy, from the guildmaster Razia down to the hosts of holy warriors and advisors in leadership roles. Their opinions and advice are deeply respected in the guild, though the angels aren’t above engaging in the machinations of mortal politics. The angels include the wise, strategic warleaders; the holy champions and paragons of war known as firemanes; and battleforce angels, who form the bulk of the legion’s angelic warriors.   From the perspective of the average Boros soldier, the angels embody the ideals the Boros hold dear. Few mortal soldiers gain admission into the presence of the warleaders and other powerful angels, but battleforce angels fight at the forefront of the legion’s ranks, and they form strong friendships with mortals under such life-and-death circumstances. Boros paladins are the members most likely to converse with the angels and be charged with implementing their plans.   The garrison commanders who convey the angels’ commands are accessible to the ordinary soldier. In addition to Sunhome, the Boros maintain smaller garrisons throughout the Tenth District, at least one in each of the six precincts.   Wherever criminals exploit others, petty tyrants make grabs for power, or violence erupts and leaves devastation in its wake, Boros soldiers are there fighting to make things right.   The Boros Legion is defined by the tension between its goal of establishing order and harmony and the fiery zeal that drives many of its members. The guild stands for peace and justice, which can be established only through the rule of law. Its moral stance is fundamentally good, as it strives to protect the innocent and powerless from oppression and exploitation. At the same time, members of the legion are passionate about their pursuit of justice, spurred by their righteous wrath into action against evil and injustice. Ironically, this means that individual members sometimes break the rules they are charged with enforcing, cleaving to the spirit of the law when the letter no longer serves justice.   The Boros are on constant alert for military threats. They work to maintain their fortifications to ensure that they aren’t overrun by Gruul marauders. Construction proceeds on new strongholds near Gruul territories, but in general the Boros prepare for a military threat the same way they always have — by fielding the stronger army.   The Boros Legion hosted the first event of the Festival of the Guildpact: the Procession of Zobar.

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