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Badger lives in an apartment in Plaza West, near the Vizkopa Bank. He reports to Adelai Niska and makes his living as an enforcer for the Orzhov Syndicate.

Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Orzhov Syndicate

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Badger (Mikhail Vuliev)

Warlock (Hexblade) 3 Class & Level
Orzhov Representative Background
Half-Elf Race
Neutral Alignment

Strength 8
Dexterity 14
constitution 12
intelligence 12
wisdom 14
charisma 17
Total Hit Dice 3
Hit Die 1d8+1
2 proficiency bonus
14 Passive perception
-1 Strength
2 Dexterity
1 Constitution
1 Intelligence
4 Wisdom
5 Charisma
saving throws
2 Acrobatics
2 Animal Handling
3 Arcana
-1 Athletics
5 Deception
1 History
2 Insight
5 Intimidation
1 Investigation
2 Medicine
1 Nature
4 Perception
3 Performance
5 Persuasion
3 Religion
2 Sleight of Hands
2 Stealth
2 Survival
Hit Points
Pact WeaponAttackDamageType
Longsword1d20 + 6 1d20+6 1d8 + 4 1d8+4 Slashing
Longbow1d20 + 6 1d20+6 1d8 + 4 1d8+4 Piercing
Halberd1d20 + 6 1d20+6 1d10 + 4 1d10+4 Slashing
Greatsword1d20 + 6 1d20+6 2d6 + 4 2d6+4 Slashing
Pact Longsword Attack: +6 1d20+6 1d8+4 Damage: 1d8+4
Pact Longbow Attack: +6 1d20+6 1d8+4 Damage: 1d8+4
Pact Halberd Attack: +6 1d20+6 1d10+4 Damage: 1d10+4
Pact Greatsword Attack: +6 1d20+6 2d6+4 Damage: 2d6+4

Eldritch Blast: Range 120. 1d10 Force Damage. CL5: 2 beams, CL11: 3 beams
Mage Hand: Range 30ft. Duration: 1 min. Spectral hand for simple tasks or to carry up to 10 lbs. 1 action to control, cannot have multiple instances
Level 1:
Mage Armor: at will; Duration: 8 hours. AC is 13 + dex mod
Charm Person: Range 30ft. Duration: 1 hour. 1 (+1/SL) humanoids in 15 ft radius save or are charmed. Target gets advantage on check if you/allies are fighting it.
Hex: Range: 90ft. Duration 1 hour (Concentration). Pick 1 creature, deal +1d6 necrotic on your attacks. Choose an ability, target has disadvantage on those types of ability checks. If target drops to 0 hit points you can use a bonus action to redirect this spell to a new creature.
Level 2:
Hold Person: Range 60ft, Duration 1 min (Concentration). 1 (+1/SL) humanoids within 30ft of each other save or are paralyzed. They get an extra save at the end of each turn.
Mirror Image: Duration: 1 min. Create 3 illusionary duplicates of you, destroyed if hit. Randomize attacks. AC is 10 + dex mod
<li>construct that automatically cleans and repairs clothing</li>
<li>3 sets of fine clothes</li>
<li>Orzhov Insignia</li>
<li>Orzhov chain of gold coins</li>
<li>Orzhov vestments</li>
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Debts are never meant to be forgiven.
No one could doubt that I am a cut above the masses of pitiful peasants that infest the city.
Personality Traits
Prestige: I want to be admired, respected, feared, or even hated for my position and wealth.
I'm duty-bound to obey the dictates of an ancestor on the Ghost Council.
I am convinced that I am far more important than anyone else is willing to acknowledge.
Warlock (the Hexblade), level 3:
◆ Pact Magic (Warlock 1, PHB 107) [2 cantrips & 4 spells known]
I can cast warlock cantrips/spells that I know, using Charisma as my spellcasting ability
I can use an arcane focus as a spellcasting focus
I regain these spell slots on a short rest
◆ Hex Warrior (the Hexblade 1, XGtE 55)
I gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons
When I finish a long rest, I can imbue one weapon I touch with my will
Until my next long rest, I can use it with Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity
I have to be proficient with the weapon and that is can't have the two-handed property
This benefit also works with every weapon from Pact of the Blade, with no restriction
◆ Hexblade's Curse (the Hexblade 1, XGtE 55) [1× per short rest]
As a bonus action, I can curse a creature I can see within 30 ft of me for 1 minute
• I add my proficiency bonus to damage rolls against the cursed target
• My attack rolls against the curse target score a critical hit on a roll of 19 and 20
• If the target dies while cursed, I regain HP equal to my warlock level + Cha mod
The curse ends after 1 minute, when the target dies, I die, or I'm incapacitated
◆ Eldritch Invocations (Warlock 2, PHB 107) [2 invocations known]
Use the "Choose Features" button above to add Eldritch Invocations to the third page
Whenever I gain a warlock level, I can replace an invocation I know with another
◆ Pact of the Blade (Warlock 3, PHB 107)
As an action, I can create a pact weapon in my empty hand; I'm proficient in its use
I can choose the type of melee weapon every time I create it, and it has those statistics
The weapon disappears if it is more than 5 ft away from me for 1 minute
The weapon counts as magical; I can transform a magic weapon into my pact weapon
This occurs over an hour-long ritual that I can perform during a short rest
I can use an action to re-summon it in any form and can dismiss it as no action
◆ Improved Pact Weapon (Eldritch Invocation, XGtE 57)
I can use any pact weapon I create as my spellcasting focus for warlock spells
Any pact weapon I create has a +1 magic weapon, if it isn't already a magic weapon
I can now also conjure a shortbow, longbow, or light or heavy crossbow as my pact weapon
◆ Armor of Shadows (Eldritch Invocation, PHB 110)
I can cast Mage Armor on myself at will, without spell slots or material comp. (PHB 256)
Features & Traits


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