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30 Tevnember, 10,076 ZC

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Ravnica is a city that spans the entire world. The ecumenopolis grew across mountains, oceans, deserts, valleys, then finally upon itself. As it expanded, disparate cultures clashed and rival political factions warred. The greatest city would devour itself if its peoples could not coexist.   Before that could happen, the great sphinx Azor forged a magical covenant he dubbed the Guildpact. He took the ten most powerful factions in the world, gave each a societal function, and bound them to those functions and one another. As a representative of each faction signed, Ravnica as it is today was born.   An uneasy peace lasted for 10,000 years, each faction—now called guilds—trying to win as much power and influence could be obtained within the confines of the Guildpact. On the Decamillennial Celebration, however, the seal of the Guildpact broke and once again the guilds were at war.   After 75 years of this, researchers of the Izzet League discovered a magical failsafe called the Implicit Maze. If all ten guilds could work together, the city could be saved. Azor designed the Maze as a way to reinstate the Guildpact should its magic fail.   Ultimately, the magic of the Guildpact was embodied in a person. Jace Beleren is a being known as a planeswalker, able to travel between worlds. Since his ascension, two other planeswalkers have made themselves known in Ravnica: Vraska, a gorgon assassin of the Golgari Swarm, and Ral, a human and Izzet Storm Mage.   Jace never stays in Ravnica for long, leaving the city without its Living Guildpact for months at a time. Chaos threatens at every turn, and each guild believes they alone understand how to stop it.   Three months ago, a piece of that chaos broke free.   A private sect within the Izzet League managed to break the planar seal surrounding Ravnica. Now, people from worlds even Vraska and Ral have never heard of are flooding into the city. How much more upheaval can Ravnica handle?