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Raveran is a continent in the northern hemisphere of a planet comparable in size to the Earth. This planet, known in Ravel simply as 'the world,' has a slower rotation speed, approximately 26 hours, and a slightly shorter orbit, amounting to approximately 336 days (364 Earth days). There are two moons with different distances and orbits such that their phases rarely align.

The other significant difference between this world and Earth is, of course, magic. Raw iril, magic that exists naturally and is not directed by any force, seems to be a type of radiation exuded by the world's molten mantle. Places where magma is near the surface often have a higher radiant iril, which seeps into the living things of the area. Raveran, especially the Berenyl Mountains, has far more raw iril compared to the rest of the known lands.

The influence of iril in Raveran is seen in the evolution of flora and fauna that occurred in the land. There are many species that have innate magical qualities from the glowing algae in the caves beneath the Berenyl Mountains to the species of dragons. Iril affected humanoid evolution as well. The protohumans who settled in Raveran millions of years ago became elves. The second wave who traveled north along the Hera Mountains and under them became vorrah.

Since time began to be recorded, humans have crossed the Turash and Glessig Seas and settled in Raveran at various times. Although they have not diverged into a new species, they have found the subset of their population who are isiril - magic users - has grown. And that those isiril are often capable of much greater feats of magic than those from other known lands. This discovery caused a sudden upsurge in settlement by humans, which in turn caused conflict with the native inhabitants and wars over resources between themselves.

One of the elements central to these conflicts is the dragons and the dragon riders. The novel Tarkran begins in the wake of devastation left by the Dragon Wars and explores the journey of Tarkran as he discovers who he is and how he fits into the great narrative of Raveran. The second novel, Lorcan, is a prequel exploring supporting character Lorcan's history before the events of Tarkran. The third novel, Kalev, takes place in a modern era and explores not only what the drow, who appear to be villains in previous books, have become but how they fit into a modern world.

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