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Krasogg is a village of 5 Orc tribes that have come together as allies after a history of conflicts. They call themselves The Orc Horde. The 5 Orc clans are united under one Warchief, Thorak Stoneslayer. The clans have formed an alliance after they were attacked and slaughtered in The Brutal War by The Fenorian Empire.  

Thorak Stoneslayer

Thorak is the current Warchief of The Orc Horde and has been for more than 40 years. During his whole life, he has not once been challenged to a Krush by anyone, as it is seen as sudden death to challenge him.  

The Clans

Proudrunner Clan

This clan is well-known for being well-structured and disciplined. The current leader is Drakk Proudshift.
Some family names in this clan are: Proudrunner, Proudfury, Proudfire, Proudshift, Proudblade.

Bitterwolf Clan


Darkwind Clan

Members of this clan are well-known for being fast and agile. The current leader is I'rihza Darkhammer.
Some family names in this clan are: Darkhammer, Darksplitter, Darkbinder, Darkeye. The Darkwind family, who established this clan has disappeared.

Stoneheart Clan


Cravenfist Clan


The Warchief

The title of Warchief is given to the strongest warrior in the Horde and can be challenged at any moment by another Orc. This is done by a sacred tradition, held for as long as any Orc can remember, called a Krush. 2 warriors fight to the death without any weapons or armor. Surrendering is very dishonorable towards your opponent and when it happens, the loser is exiled. Being exiled is even worse than death in their eyes. The Krush is an important part of the culture of the Orcs, as it is their way of settling most conflicts.


The Horde consists of only Orcs as everyone is born from a member of a the Horde and it is impossible for an outsider to join an Orc clan. Half-orc are never born from a female Orc, but only from human women and a child of a human would never be accepted into the Horde. This means that even Half-orc have no place in Krasogg.

Food is gathered mostly by hunting, which they do very carefully in the forests without hitting any trees. They also gather plants and berries, which they also do very carefully.  


There is no such thing as marriage, but when two Orcs from different clans get a child, mother and child both join the father's clan.  


Krush is a sacred tradition and is called when a warrior challenges another for 1 on 1 combat. Someone could challenge the Warchief in order to become the new Warchief himself, or someone may challenge another Orc who has wronged him. It may happen that after a Krush, the winner of the challenge also dies to his wounds. In this case, the winner gets a special grave in honor of his deeds. It is possible to have someone else fight for you in your stead, but only if you are the defender of the Krush. If the Orc who defended someone loses the Krush, the Orc who was challenged is also exiled.   When a Krush is called, it is often a spectacle where Orcs bet items, weapons, food or other things on one of the two warriors. These events are so exciting, that often the whole village comes to watch the fight, including children who often enjoy the spectacle the most.  

Relations with the Empire

The Horde was defeated in the year 894 by the empire during The Brutal War and incorporated into The Fenorian Empire. Currently, the Horde is open rebellion against the Empire as the Warchief refuses to adhere to the law of Gloria Regali, claiming that an Orc should never have to leave the Horde.

Alternative Name(s)
The Orc Horde
Military, Camp
Owning Organization
The Fenorian Empire

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