The Timeline of the Unseen Faith

A recording of all events that occur related to the Unseen Faith.

Before the Faith

The times before the Unseen Faith.

Birth of the Faith

Haven proves to be yet another land where men would struggle to survive, from this turmoil the Unseen Faith is born.

The Faith Rises

The faith blossoms and the faithful begin to find their place and harmony with the land.

The Unseen Order

Devote in their faith, those who follow the Unseen Faith open a grand monastery to preserve their faith and form the Unseen Order of monks.

The Order Reborn

After the horrors of the Red Winter, the Unseen Order lost its way only again finding unity and peace under the prophet Solas Solari. Under his guidance, the order closed its ranks and revisited their most ancient teachings only for their prophet to die so soon after his rise.

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