Baranir Blackforge

Played by Fantomturtle

Baranir is a Blackhill Dwarf, Forge Cleric.

Crimm Turtenwald

Played by Natshido

Crimm is a Storm Aasimar, Arcane Archer Fighter.

Fenn Ashmouth

Played by Axic

Fenn is a Change Aasimar, Ancestral Barbarian.

Kelden Ru

Played by Wiredin

Kelden is a Marble Warforged, Way of the Open Palm Monk.

Oryn Runescar

Played by Fargaze

Oryn is a Centaur, Shepard Druid.

Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition

General Information

Type Campaign Group
Campaign Return of Lady Death
Activity Current.
Calendar Color Green.


Played every Saturday at 5:30PM UTC.

Cover image: by Damion Otter


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