Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp Pledge

For this years Summer Camp I will be expanding the two different locations within Ravarus. If I can manage, I'd like to do half of the prompts within the Blistered Expanse with most of the focus on the Forgotten Plains. Then for the other half, expanding upon the Moorwald on a more macro scale such as dividing up nations and writing general histories.

Prompt Completion



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Themes & Meta

This years Summer Camp has 4 distinct themes within its prompts. Here is how we plan to tackle them!

Expanse (Copper)

With how large the Moorwald is, and that we name some of our regions as Expanses, makes this an easy one. we will focus on the Shattered, Flooded, Frosted, and Highwald Expanses.

Leadership (Silver)

Again, focusing on the Moorwald, we will be expanding upon the nations that govern this area. Likely writing about the Udirkith and Beastfolk capitals more than minor settlements.

Discovery (Gold)

The Forgotten Plains have been remained a mystery to both authors and players of Ravare. We will be discovering them, and who exists here, during Summer Camp.

Monstrous (Diamond)

The Realms of Ravare are filled with monsters, now we just need to add a few unique ones to the Forgotten Plains and the Moorwald. Perhaps even one for Solith herself.

The Prompts

As always, the goal will be to reach Diamond. The following section will be filled in as prompts are released and completed.


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5 Jun, 2022 12:12

Woo! Plans are most excellent, especially when you aim to be running away with Diamonds--will be cheering you on...and distracted from my own writing by repeatedly mousing over your amazing article blocks. XD The month of targeted mayheming approaches...

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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9 Jun, 2022 12:32

Good luck! :D

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