Realm of Cinders


From the ashes life grows strongest. This is the motto of Spaerus, the Realm of Cinders. Entire forests remain ablaze thorughout their lives, the seas boil from underwater vents that give nutrients to the creatures of the sea, and even the mountain rumbles and pour out magmatic flames to feed the great dragons of Spaerus. Fire is life.


Spaerus is the Life and Fire Realm, it is located in the Northern Flame Constellation. Yes, Harold, there are dragons here. Big, scaly dragons that live off Primal Fire and grow by consuming Primal Life..


The geography of Spaerus could only be described as vibrant. Though the realm is hot and dry, life can be found in multitudes. One continent is a massive shrubland that leads to a desert. Despite the heat and dryness, this desert has a lot of life. Another continent is a burning forest surrounding by angry mountains. Another is that of a graggy wasteland. These of course all have other biomes, but those are the "landmarks".

Atmospheric Conditions

The sky is often choked with ash and little rain falls. Somehow, through the strangeness of Life itself, fire is used like water to keep life going.


Highly Magical Sophonts made of Cinders. Manfolk that burn away their flesh to heal, eventually becoming scarred monstrosities. Fire Golem-like creatures. Dragons eventually become Sophontic when they get large enough. Cinder Elements rule in great cabals.


All plants on Spaerus use fire as other realm's flora might use water. They also use updrafts to spread their seeds. Some plants are so adapted to this land of flame that they grow even while burning away.


Life is found everywhere on Spaerus, from the boiling oceans to the hottest deserts. Reptiles are the most common of life forms.

Energy Sources

Glow can be extracted from burning a thing down to its base essence. Primal Fire is found most commonly wherever you find Dragons. Primal Life is found all over, idk.


No other realm has mastered the use of fire as a medicinal tool as Spaerus has. They can cleanse even the most foul diseases through purifying flames. Aside from that, they often make things out of refined, hardened charcoal. They have a few unique types of steel. Dragon hide, bones, and meat are all powerful materials for magical items.


Realm of Cinders


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Denizens of Ravare do not know of Spaerus.

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