Realm of Abundance


Made up of the primary elements of Life and Earth, Ravare is a realm abundant with vibrant flora, ever-changing fauna, and seemingly endless resources. Despite this abundance, Ravare is considered a fledgling realm with little knowledge of science or spellcraft. In accordance to the scholars that reside within the realm, Ravare was seperated away from the rest of the cosmos to keep it safe from exotoric theats. Seperate by whom and how plague these same scholars today.


Realm of Abundance


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Alternative Name(s)
The Realm, the Physical Realm.
Dimensional plane



Solith is a troubled realm with many of its conflicts linked to its numerous and petty Divine. Los'Mozakas, a region of dense rainforest and sickyly swamps, makes up the Eastern side of the continent. Haven, a land of verdant valleys and strong religious influences, makes up the Western side. Seperated from the rest by the mountain range known as the Throat of the World is Moorwald, a land of wind and frost, that covers the Northern tip of the continent.





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6 Dec, 2019 07:54

I really like the red note at the beginning with the warning about the meta-knowledge. I think it is not necessary to repeat it again in the "Laws of the Realm" section.   It'd be interesting to know exactly how the elemental planes influence the continents. Perhaps an example showing two areas that are closer to different planes would be educational.   I'm not quite sure what the following terms are, perhaps a tooltip would work well: Divine gravitation, and Naturalist magic. (Whilst naturalist gets a tooltip later on, I feel like it's best to explain terms to the reader either every time, or the first time, so that they are not left wondering what something is.)   Although only Solith has a description, I really like the concise but full description provided. It's enough to have a good mental image of what that continent consists of. Cool work!

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