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This article will eventually go over all the various types of "Monsters" there are in the world. This is primarily a mechanics article. It will likely end up looking like the Realmic Atlas. I will want to use drop-downs or tag lists for this.
I have seen the utter majesty of the universe, having witnessed both wonders and horrors in equal measures across the Cosmos. I have gazed upon barren worlds scorched featureless, vibrant planets full of technological marvels, alien utopias built by magical genius, chaotic rocks frozen solid for eons, and so many...many...more.
— Elias Dods, First Chronicler & Realmhopper
Knowledge of the Monsteric Atlas is restricted to Scholars in Haven.

General Information

Simplistic Categories

The purpose of the Realmic Atlas is simple: to offer a quick and comprehensive way to depict the state of a Realm, describe the life found within it, and inform Realmhoppers of its relative standing in the Cosmos.


All living beings in the Cosmos that move, breathe, eat, and grow are known as creatures. Categorized from the lowliest beetle to the proudest dwarf and mightiest leviathan. The Monsteric Atlas provides guidelines for describing, categorizing, and understanding all life in the Cosmos.

Man & Beast



Free-thinking and self-aware creatures that possess an eternal spark of creation known as a Sopontic Soul. They almost always have a humanoid form and are often grouped into Folks creating unique tags such as Sophontic Greenfolk, Sophontic Manfolk, Sophontic Faefolk, etc.
Sophonts are the most dangerous and unique forms of life in the Cosmos. Though most tend to be humanoid there are several examples of subhuman Sophonts, such as the Venarus Centaurs or the Nidorus Dustskimmers. They have limitless potential with the capacity for both wonder and horror, honor and treachery, faith and despair. They are creatures of duality and choice, forces of change in the Cosmos.
— Elias Dods


Natural creatures born from the Elemental forces that make up their Realms. These beings of living Prime are the purest expressions of life in the Cosmos and embody their Elements most defining concepts.
Elementals are the binding force that holds many Realms in the Cosmos together. They establish the equilibrium that allows life to flourish or the chaos that tears it down. Where Sophonts are agents of change, Elementals are the embodiment of the status quo. Change does not define them, instead, their consistent cycles give them identity. Though many prove to be as intelligent or more so than Sophonts they lack a Sophontic Soul and therefore they lack true free will.
— Elias Dods


Formless facsimiles of creatures made up of living Glow, produced by the efforts of Spellweavers. Though most often artificially created to serve the whims of a master, these beings can form naturally in places imprinted by the Weaves of powerful Magi.
Wisps are often a sad thing to behold. Pure magic reined in and given life is as constricting as placing a songbird in a cage. The unbridled power and potential forced into a foreign form and made a slave to a will not its own. Wisps are dangerous creatures but fragile, only held together by the skill of their Spellweaver.
— Elias Dods


Divine creatures created or empowered through Faith. These powerful creatures do not obey any true laws of nature and instead embody an expression or ideal of divine inspiration.
Celestials are the forces that forge the Cosmos. They are the hopes, dreams, fears, and pains of Sophonts manifested into a tangible power. Divines with glorious command over the very fabric of reality through the shared beliefs of their faithful followers. The true tragedy of a Celestial comes from the fact that those who take up the mantle of the Divine, become lost to its powers. They change with the will of their faith and may soon find themselves unrecognizable.
— Elias Dods


Detestable creatures made from the shambling corpses of the dead, rotting flesh and brittle bones reanimated through some magical means. These beings of rot and death possess physical bodies but lack any semblance of a Soul to give them purpose or drive. Thus, their will is a mere shadow of itself and offers little resistance to any dominating presence. Most Undead are created to be the servants of Spellcasters with some rising up naturally in places touched by true death.
Undead are not truly mindless, subsisting on the imprinted shadow of their former existence. Echoes of their former selves endure behind meaningless habits and simple idiosyncrasies. It is important to note that although the Unfallen may resemble common Undead, Lady Death's influence has allowed them to cling to their Sophontic Souls. Yet they sit precariously at the edge of this abyss, trapped by the looming threat of losing themselves to the mindless hunger.
— Elias Dods


Woeful creatures that are devoid of physical forms and cursed to suffer eternally in a mournful existence as an incorporeal being. These ghostly creatures possess a tortured Soul trapped in the Mortal Realm and driven to madness by their misery. Their unique nature makes them a particular threat to a Sophont's mind instead of their physical body. The crazed existence of an Ethereal is punctuated only by their encounters with the living, who attract them like flies to honey.
Ethereals, like Undead, are shadows of the living. What remains is not the remnant flesh but rather the broken Soul. They crave what they can never have again: the wonder and joy of life. It is best to end these poor creatures swiftly, lest they root themselves in your mind and drive you as mad a hatter.
— Elias Dods


Creatures born of nature and devoid of a sophontic soul. These beings of the Primal natural world are ruled by instinct and a need to survive. The greatest among them may possess some rudimentary intelligence or even the capacity for language but lack a natural Sophontic Soul.
Simplistic. Natural. Animalistic. All words used to describe the Beasts of the Cosmos. They are a product of a Realm's natural ecosystem and exist without any outside interference. These creatures, more than any other, are well adapted to their worlds and masters at surviving in them. Whether they be the Muckbugs of the Mortemus swamplands who feed on pond scum or the Cloud Eels of Marus that hide in the Realm's voluminous traveling cloud sheets.
— Elias Dods


Strange creatures born from other Realms that find themselves elsewhere, appearing as utterly alien forms of life. These beings are difficult to understand, whether sophontic or otherwise, and represent creatures whose foreign natures are incompatible or actively detrimental with the Realm they now inhabit. Traditionally when classified, the name of their native realm proceeds their Aberration classification creating general groups such as Venarus Aberration, Mortemus Aberration, and Helius Aberration.
The most subjective category of creatures in this Atlas, Aberrations are creatures that do not belong. They may be perfectly natural or born from Primal energies, but they do not belong where they now dwell. Such as the Wyldfyre Spirit that now inhabits the Charr or the deadly Spadeworm Parasite of Putrus that now infects Mortemus natives. Their foreign existence can pose a serious threat to life on their new Realm and must be dealt with swiftly.
— Elias Dods


Magical or mechanical creatures crafted by the hands of others. These beings are made rather than born and only possess a Sophontic Soul if one was bestowed upon them at the time of their creation. They are often only facsimiles of life, imitations of the real thing that are restricted by constructed limitations. The physical world is a muted thing to a construct, which lacks the connection to understand and experience it fully.
Constructs are versatile creatures. They encompass everything from mindless servants to preserved visionaries and hyperintelligent monitoring systems. These being are carefully created solely through the work and toil of a Sophont. They are complex works of art and artifice that give birth to a diverse species with a unique outlook on the world. The Vestiges and Golems of Ravare are near the forefront of sentient construct research and development. Few worlds have mastered the art of placing the remnants of a Sophontic Soul within an inanimate vessel to give it life. Only the Caelus Steam Dynamos can be considered as advanced as what is produced in the Seawatch Golemyards.
— Elias Dods


A rare subset of creatures composed not of flesh, but of plant life. Though all plants live, these beings are something more than mere flora with some even possessing a Sophontic Soul. These creatures may exist as a hive mind spread across the shared root network of a field of blooms, as the ancient awareness that inhabits the oldest tree in a decrepit forest, or even as a carnivorous trap plant.
Plants are a strange classification of creatures and one seldom seen in the Cosmos. On worlds left wild and untamed, a Realmhopper might just find a tree so ancient it has gained its own sentience but many times they will find simply another tree. Yet to speak with one of these entities will shake the very foundations of your life. The Eye of Solas spoke of events even I could not see, of experiences I could not imagine, and of terrors that only deep roots can sense.
— Elias Dods


The first Creatures born to a Realm and bound by its natural order. They are its native life distilled into enigmatic beings as mysterious as they are rare. The Fey are born both servant and slave to their world's nature, twisted by the ever-present struggles of its Primal Elements. Notably, not all Fey are born. Some are created when a creature chooses to bind itself to a Realm by mind, body, and soul.
The Fey are a peculiar category of creatures. All Fey possess a Sophontic Soul and yet are so much more than a mere Sophont. They are primeval beings, as one with their homeland as a fish is to water or a bird to the open sky. This deep connection whether innate or the result of conscious choice makes it incredibly difficult for a Fey to travel to distant Realms. This sudden and often violent shift can disorient, wound, or even kill most simple Fey.
— Elias Dods


Horrid creatures commonly seen as monsters that have never possessed a Sophontic Soul. These beings are the product of magical or mundane manipulations creating unnatural creatures of death and ruin.
— Elias Dods


Mutated creatures born from the husks of Sophonts, twisted by magical or mundane means. These beings are just as wicked as Horrors but fueled with a devilish cunning and warped intelligence that makes them all the more dangerous.
— Elias Dods


Creatures born of the darkest shadows and vilest evils. These cruel beings are mere shadows of true life and serve as the subjects of terrible legends or as the servants of dark masters.
— Elias Dods

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