Introduction to Ravare


Nobledark, Horror Fantasy



High Fantasy



Gunpowder Fantasy



Primeval Fantasy



Post-Apoc Fantasy



Dark Fantasy

Themes of Ravare


Ravare, by its very nature, is a plane of magic and mystery. Magic runs through the very lifeblood of the plane and is wielded by the lowly adventurer to the highest Divine. Magic shapes the land, history, and its people as it plays a key role in both creation and destruction.


Heroes exist. They wear the faces of commoners, bruised and frightened by the hungering darkness that grips the realm. When the stakes are set, and the horrors of this life creep in, some individuals cross that long-forgotten bridge to heroism. Noble souls form out of the broken and the damned.


Ravare is a realm of horrific acts and terrible choices. The gods are cruel and fickle creatures, while the mortals are desperate to survive, and together they tell woeful tales of desperation and arduous trials. Not even the Divines survive unscathed, and many are haunted by dark and terrible secrets.


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