The Greenfolk, or the Mohnagi as they call themselves, are a cultural group made up of several Sophontic species that live within the Parched Expanse. The name Greenfolk is in reference to their green skin that varies on species and diet. Due to the unnaturally inhospitable nature of the Parched Expanse and the harsh decisions they must make to survive daily, the Greenfolk are often considered barbaric or primitive by most.


After the ascension of the twin brother Argous and Urlog, chaos quickly followed. The First Men were now faced with the difficult choice of which of the two newly blooded Exarchs to follow. With both brothers being Gods of War, the decision was often decided by emotion rather than introspection. This favored Urlog's chaotic nature over his more lawful brother.

Species of Greenfolk

  • Bowzle
  • Goblin
  • Hobgoblin

  • Ogre
  • Orc
  • Troll

With both brothers fighting over the same worshippers it was to no suprise that a battle broke out in the middle of the newly founded City of Marble. This battle raged between the followers of Argous and Urlog for several months before an accidental fire caused by the followers of Urlog lead the destruction of Telia's most prominent cathedral. Burning with a fury unlike any known to the First Men before, Argous banished Urlog and his followers to the Parched Expanse, but not before cursing their very nature to be nothing but desert savages. This curse fueled by two Exarchs quickly warped the Mohnagi to what we know them as today.

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Quick Notes

  • Greenfolk are only found on Solith.
  • Orcs are the most frequently seen Greenfolk outside the Parched Expanse.
  • Goblins make up the majority of the Greenfolk population.
  • Some Mohrites have taken to dying their skin green in order to be part of the Greenfolk.

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