Creation of the Expanses

As the fable goes...

When Solith was young and her earth rolled like the waves of the Endless Ocean ensuring that no root could pierce her hide nor any beast to wander her flesh. Across the continent, Elementals of great size would lay claim to great swathes of land and wage wars to keep their borders strong. These borders would eventually become the great ranges we know of today.
When Life finally found a way to fester into Solith, it was often contained by these borders created long before the first creature walked across the land. Within these expanses of land life was forced to adapt to unique challenges found only there. Over time, each Expanse became diverse and unique in its own way. Some Expanses teemed with an overbundance of life in the form of great trees and thousands of species of animal while others were turned into grassy plains broken up by jagged cliffs.
Even today the borders of these ancient Titans stand strong, seperating the Sophonts just as it had done to the beasts and the trees. Though each Expanse has long forgotten the names of its creators their influence remains evident in the shapes of the land and the treasures held deep within the earth.

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Author's Notes
This was my attempt at writing why exactly each Expanse across Solith is so visually distinct from the last. My personal taste of fantastical landscapes shines through when you look at any of the maps we have made.

Cover image: by Damion Otter


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