The Centaurs are a proud and nomadic people who claim to originate from Sío'Fiachus, or the "Eternal Hunting Ground" in Sylvan. Though many Beastfolk came to Solith before them, it was the Centaurs natural leadership and authoritarian tradition that unites them under a single banner. Despite their exalted status among the Beastfolk, the Centaurs quickly fell from their throne as Lady Death fell upon their homeland within the Civilization: The Verdant Expanse.
With their homeland destroyed and their Godbeasts scattered, the Centaurs stopped hunting living prey in favor of the Unfallen. This hatred for the undead and the Nine who struck down Lady Death now runs deep within their society and has turned them back to their old Gods.

Ancient Grudges

When the First Men arrived on Solith and began their Crusades against the Beastfolk, it was the Centaurs who rallied the many species together under a single banner. The War of Blade & Claw lasted for almost two generations and its wounds still fester over a millennia later. The Centaur people may have forgiven Humanity and made peace but they will never forget.

Old Gods

It is believed by the Centaurs that when they arrived on Solith they brought their ancient Divine alongside them. Many of these Divine chose to sacrifice themselves to transform Haven into the perfect hunting ground for the Centaur people. Now that their land burns alongside the corpse of Lady Death and their many artifacts destroyed, the Centaurs wish to return their old Gods and retake Haven as their own.


Standing at an impressive 7 to 8 feet tall, Centaurs resemble a pseudo-fae humanoid torso placed upon the shoulders of an equine body. The hide color and shape of their equine half varies greatly depending on which region the Centaur's bloodline originates. The Centaurs of Haven are lighter and more slender than their Moorwald counterparts. Centaurs of both regions can have a dazzling array of patterns.
The humanoid half of a Centaur suggests of fae heritage with pointed ears and long, slender limbs and torso. Centaurs often spend much of their time decorating their humanoid half with jewels or trophies from their successful hunts. Due to the weak blood flow of their upper half compared to their equine lower half, clothes are relied upon by Centaurs to keep themselves the same temperature across all of their bodies.

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General Information

60 years, but their shamans and elders can live up to 100.
Average Height
6 to 7 feet.
Average Weight
1,500 to 1,800 pounds.
Average Length
From 7 to 8 feet.


Within Verdant Centaur culture there is no higher honor than serving one of the Six Clans. These tribal Clans are each lead by an Elder who has the final say on all Clan manners. Once a year all six Clans travel to Camp Sunwatch to discuss the new year and participate in a massive hunt along the edges of the Blistered Expanse.


The Highwald Centaurs rely on tight-knit communities known as Herds for their continued survival. Herds are normally fiften to twenty strong and claim large portions of the Highwald Expanse. Though Herds rarely fight between each other, it is considered taboo to hunt in another Herd's range.

Hunters of the Wald and Valley

Despite their nomadic nature Centaurs only call the Verdant Expanse of Haven and Highwald Expanse of Moorwald. These two peoples have not had much contact since the First Men claimed the Jagged Expanse.

Of the Verdant

Governed by The Six Clans the Centaurs of Haven have lost their homeland and their way of life. These masterful hunters have stopped hunting living prey and instead wish to bring the downfall upon the Unfallen plague so that they may reclaim their ancestral land and its many artifacts. As a people, Verdant Centaurs care little for the meddling of politics or the religions of others prefering dedicating their lives to the hunt and the return of old ways. And with the Govveneth Stone at their side, they just might.

Of the Highwald

Seperated from their Verdant counterparts many millennia ago, the Highwald Centaurs have turned their back on their Clan structures and instead hunt in large herds across the Highwald Expanse. Over the ages these Centaurs have mastered falconry like no species before them and worship the great Wald Rocs that hunt the same windy forests as they do. Unaware of the Fall of Lady Death, these Centaurs spend their lives hunting and traveling until it is finally time for their spirits to return to Sío'Fiachus.


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