Campaign: Shardholm's Vanguard

No longer bound by the Unfallen plague, Shardholm has spent the last seven years reclaiming and rebuilding settlements abandoned by the living. Today, Shardholm claims six Shards, giving it a powerful advantage over many other Capitals. However, whispers from Her Lady's Military suggest that Lady Holm may have agendas larger than just abandoned Shards.
With the Shardholm Navy guarding her shores and Her Lady's Military guarding her walls, the Shardholm's Vanguard was created to protect the many Shards found scattered across the Verdant Expanse.

Part of the Vanguard
All characters within this Campaign will originate from the Vanguard.
Long has Haven been home to the dead. But as Our Lady Death has risen, so too shall the living from the ashes of their past. No longer shall we be bound by fear. It is time that the people of Shardholm reclaim what was taken from them. It is time for Shardholm to reclaim our lost colonies. Together, by my will as Queen and Guide.
Lady Holm, 13th Year of Rebirth.
Plot type
Parent Plot

Cover image: by Damion Otter


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