Built upon sanctified land blessed by Lady Death and maintained Elias, Bastion is a great labrinth of mausoleums and crypts carved into the Stygian Throat. Known as the oldest city of Humanity on Haven, much of Bastion's success has been on the backs of the fanatical Crypt Priests and the immense walls that have been built around most of city itself.
Spoken of in history as the First Graveyard, the actual city of Bastion has long run out of room for the millions of dead that have been buried within. Unable to expand further out because of The Abyss the people have Bastion have started carving away the mountains themselves to supply room for both the living and the dead. Over the past thousand years the catacombs of Bastion have grown larger than the city itself.
It is not the architecture of the place that chills my bones and makes my soul quiver, or even its history. Not even the expressionless masks of the worshippers as they walk past. It is the silence that scares me. The silence of death long past. The kind of silence that makes you wish you were dead.
Elias Dods

Throne of Elias

In the absence of Lady Death, Bastion has converted its countless temples to worship Elias in her stead. The entire city has taken a near vow of silence in reverence to him. His Angels freely roam the streets to keep the capital quiet, complacent, and above all devoted to the God of Passage.

Temple of Silence

At the heart of Bastion is a temple built to dwarf the very mountains it was built beside, known as the Temple of Silence. Constructed of silver-coated Blackstone, Temple itself can be seen from as far away as Scourge during the height of day. The purpose of the Temple was originally in reverence to Lady Death but has been converted to Elias in the recent years.

Guilds and Factions

Church of Silence

Governed over by the Exarch of Silence itself, the Church of Silence maintains the order throughout the city. Trained to hinder or disrupt any school of magic, the Silence Priests ensure that no person or creature disrupts the silent rest of the dead. The elite members of the church can be easily distinguished by the glowing, translucent cloaks of white flame that follow behind them in dreadful silence.

The Caretakers

Comprised of various masons, morticians, and funeral keepers tasked with maintaining and organizing the many crypts and graveyards of Bastion the Caretakers are the organizational backbone of the Capital. Some Caretakers have even taken it upon themselves to uphold the Laws of Passage within the city.

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