Agora of the Dark Places

Archangel of Terror

I saw it again, out on the water. Lanus said it'd be trouble when I brought my boat in too late. Told the bastard to stay with me just in case something happens, but he didn't listen. Had a wife and kids to go home to, you see. Doesn't care if I end up fish food.
— Memoirs of the Drowned, Victim #32


In history, it says that Agora was born from the dark places known only to the drowned. It is believed by the people of the Shardlands, and possibly beyond, that there is no greater fear than that of drowning in the Blacksea. It is believed that this Terror of the sea was able to manifest itself into a Domain, growing stronger as each new horror crawled out from the Endless Ocean onto land. The accumulation of this growth was that of Agora, Archangel of Terror. It is unknown if she joined ranks with Shadiym or if she is yet another one of his creations.
There is little in the way of organized worship of Agora and her worship is forbidden in most civilized places. Instead, her faith accrues from fearful sailors who pray that she, nor other beasts of the Blacksea, take their lives.
Lanus quit today. First time he saw it and he quit. I want to be mad but I saw it too. I felt it.
— Memoirs of the Drowned, Victim #32

Lady of the Drowned

Agora has been described to take of naked woman, hairless and strange with limbs too long for her proportions. Her flesh appears cold, damp, and deathly pale like she had been recently drowned. But most often recalled by those that witness her passing are her massive, black eyes that reflect no light and seemingly stare into the soul of whoever glimpses them.
It is believed that she is unable to leave far from the Blacksea, making her a threat only to coastal settlements such as Shardholm or Bedrek. If it were not for the infamous novel, "Memoirs of the Drowned", she would likely be unknown to the majority of the population.
Ten, it was so close this time. It wasn't even late when we docked this time and it was there. Or I should say, she was there. Standing right out of the water. As tall as two men and naked to the flesh. At first we thought it was some waif that had been thrashed about by the sea, so we called out. Then we saw it wasn't no person. Way too tall, I tell ya'. And the way it grinned. Way too many teeth.
— Memoirs of the Drowned, Victim #32


Within the Zypherite religion there are those that worship Agora on a more personal level, reaching out with their Faith to promise their lives in exchange for those that find themselves lost at sea. These cultists, known as the Agorianites, get little in the way of thanks from the common folk. Rumors have been passed around for generations that those that worship Agora to keep others safe can just as easily use their prayers to bring destruction.
I found his body under the boat, strapped down with rusty chains. Can't get the image out of my mind, even went to one of those glow healers to wipe the memory. Wouldn't work. Just scared the poor healer half-to-death. Don't even know what to say to his wife. Maybe I can offer her some coins.
— Memoirs of the Drowned, Victim #32
She isn't done with me. As I write these words, I hear her wet feet crawling on my roof. I am stuck in the dockhouse for now but I know I won't be for long. Whoever finds this, make sure Tal gets all my coin. Growing up his ma' or da' will be hard but a bit easier with some wealth. If only I had been taught to pray.
— Memoirs of the Drowned, Victim #32

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