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Built on the foundations of an old Hadian city and once the capital of the old petty Klout Kingdom of Norrland, Leilon was once the jewel of the North and exerted influnece all the other Klout Kingdoms to its south. About 500 years ago, Norrland was racked by a series of natural disasters and was further weakened by ongoing Sea Prince and Freelander raids.   As Norrland weakened, Leilon started to lose its speldour and its population declined until it was so weakened the Sea Princes were able to manage to sack and burn Leilon to the ground 400 years ago. The ruins of Leilons remained untouched for centuries until now.   Following the reconquest of the North, King Landon III has set out about trying to secure his Kingdom's hold over the land by redeveloping and repoulating the North. Landon sees rebuilding Leilon as crucial to his long term project of securing and strengthening the Kingdom of Kloutland and will move heaven and earth to see his ambition come to reality.  


Leilons population is mostly human but includes sizeable populations of dwarves and halflings


While the King keeps a close eye on what is going on in Leilon, the day to day runnings of the town are overseen by the Leilon Town Council. The town consists was selected personally by the king and consists of:
  • Grizzelda Copperwraught, also known as the Growler, the dwarven captain of the town guard and ostensibly the leader of the town council;
  • Josiah Johnson, a dwarven priest of the Smith; and
  • Valdi Estapaar, a half-elven fisher who is tasked to oversee the fishing industry that is supposed to support the town as it is built.


Leilon is a ruined town encircled by an earthen rampart. The holes for a palisade have been dug, but only a few logs are in place.

Industry & Trade

Most of the towns inhabitants are in the process of helping clear and rebuild Leilon. Being skilled workers such as farmers or smith, once the town has been cleared they will begin to develop their industries.


The progress on the town’s rebuilding has been slow, it appears.   The only thing the settlers have been able to complete so far is a dock for their fishing vessels and barges designed to cross the marsh and meet merchant ships at sea.   Outside of town, a settler camp nestles under the trees alongside the North Road.   At the center of the town n a bludd lies the only building from the Old Hadian days, the House of Thalivar, a partially destroyed that has somehow managed to survive the rise and fall of Hadia and Lelion.   The only intact stone building sits at the bottom of the bluff, its white façade bearing the mark of Mother.


To the North and South, Leilon is surrounded by marshland which has overgrown since the time of Norrland. The southern marsh is called the Mere of the Dead Men.

Natural Resources

The waters around Leilon team with plentiful stocks of fish.
Alternative Name(s)
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization

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