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Landon III, King of Kloutand

His Royal Highness Landon Flox

Landon is the current King of Kloutland. An accomplished leader, Landon is his short reign has managed recaptured the northern provinces of his kingdom from the Sea Princes. Since the recapture, Landon has focused on redeveloping the rich but devastated north both as a means to enrich his kingdom and protect it from future invasion.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 2753 as the first son of King Eadbald of Kloutland, Landon III was raised always knowing he would be King one day.   During his early years, Landon had the best education that his royal status afforded.   This all changed in 2763 when Ari Audunsson The Sea King after having united the Sea Princes launched an invasion of Strathlynde and Norrland.   King Eadbald tried in vain to raise a Kloutish army to fight the Sea King but his army was defeated at the battle of Seaton. Following his defeat, Eabald returned to Floxam a broken and defeated man.
  Eadbald's defeat and subsequent emotional collapse had a significant effect on young Landon whose relationship with his father began to deteroiate as Eadbald grew deeper into his depression.   In 2774, King Eadbald died and Landon was elevated to his rightful position of King of Kloutland at age 21. Landon's first aim as king was build a Kloutish Army he could use to retake the northern provinces.   Before the army could be raised, a stroke of luck made realising Landon's dream significantly easier when the ageing Ari Audunsson was murdered in 2775 by one of the many Sea Princes factions trying to jockey a secure path to successing the Sea King.   in 2266, Landon's army was ready and moved North taking advantage of uprisings in the Strathlynde and Norrland against the Sea Princes. Divided by the desire for power and wealth, the Sea Princes were easily defeated by the Kloutish army.   Landon returned to the South a hero and has set about ensuring the North and Kloutland will be able to resist any future threats including by rebuilding the old capital of Norrland, Leilon.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
3891 PC 25 Years old
Current Residence
Bright Blue and Piercing
Short and Blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
90 kg
Aligned Organization

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