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Raucus Saud

Terra Saud and Raucus Saud found one another after each had travelled for a thousand years through sand and over rock. Upon finding one another they each cried a tear, for the joy of seeing another, and also at the beauty of the other. Those tears fell to the rocky ground below, each standing at the crest of their own hill. The tears rolled down the hills and meat at the bottom of the valley. From this point grew a flourish of green that spread up the hills and cushioned their feet. They ran to one another, tears falling from their faces as they did so. Their hands move towards that of the other and their fingers entwine themselves. Around them, bright flowers sprang up and took the form of leaves, petals, and vines. As their fingers tightened, thick roots rose around them and joined over them. Their mouths met in a kiss and the sky above opened up for them, covering the flora with rain. The roots twisted up and over their heads, providing protection from the rain, and the rich red and green tinted roots continued to grow into a vast tree. Upon the tree were buds and leaves and flowers of all different shapes, sizes, colors. As the flowers of the tree bloomed in the gentle rain, insects sprang from within them, some already covered in pollen, and began to fly and scurry to safety from the rain. This tree would be the source of life in the Garlen and was known as the Tree of Life. With the First Tree looming over them Rauscus and Terra understood that they were meant for one another, and neither felt concern for things for a very long time. Even as more than insects began to inhabit their realm, the beings did not have any worry about the beasts that began to appear. They were content with this until one day when their private grove saw the first elves. Raucus grew tired of them, for they did not cause harm to his woods but they still left a mark he did not want. Terra, however, looked after them with care and blessed them with food. Halflings appeared shortly after and the gods’ feelings continued the same. Raucus expressed concerns that Terra would develop bitterness and desperation if she continued her altruistic efforts, Terra scoffed at this. It was sometime later that the Green Husband and Wife would part ways. Orcs and goblins swept into the grove, killing, burning, and cutting. Their aim was not at the wood, but its mortal inhabitants. Terra spent her energies in an attempt to protect her denizens, but the twisted creatures heralded a mighty evil with a visage of tusks and yellow eyes. As she met these foes on the battlefield, surrounded by the mortals involved, her husband became enraged for the battle ravaged his grove. He aided her in battle and in his fury lashed out with such power that the forest began to grab and consume all mortals within it. As the orcs and goblins fled the grove their gods also withdrew, watching the Green Husband and Wife with malicious smiles. The remaining elves and halflings fled in fear and the plants that had thrashed out fed off of the blood and organs of their victims. This flowed into Raucus, turning his vibrant form into a swirl of black, brown, and red. His form now looked gnarled and his heart grew bitter from the blood and ichor now within him. As the bitter rage flowed through him Terra turned to face her husband with pride, for pushing out the evil, as well as fear and contempt for harming ‘her little mortals’. She looked upon him and gasped in horror and then screamed. With her dagger she gouged out her eyes so that she would never have to see her husband’s twisted, tainted form again. He offered her his hand to lead her to safety, and show her the error in her ways. He believed her actions caused by her frustration in the damage to their grove, and the fault that lay at her feet. She dropped her dagger at her feet, reached towards him, and offered to show her husband his trespasses for the abhorrent death he had caused. Both rejected the other and each turned their backs and walked away. Terra stepped over her eyes, leaning on her staff for support. Raucus broke free of the gnarled bloody roots at his feet and dragging his whip behind him. They each created another grove for themselves, his was of strong and powerful flora that attracted creatures to thrive off of it and protect it. It would also serve as a safe haven should The Veiled Wife ever return to him. Terra created one that could supply travelers and dwellers with protection, guidance, and healing. She also hoped that one day The Withered Husband would find her and seek the healing powers within. Since this split the realm of Garlen has lost much of its original life and magic. The grove surrounding the Tree of Life, or World Tree, now called the Expanse of Glass as the trees have all turned to a blue-white glass-like material. Terra created the Woeful Spring and Raucus produced World’s Respite.

Divine Domains

Nature, Life, Death  
  • Raucus Saud is often seen as watching over plants, with little regard for other life, other than that which would also protect plants.
  • He relishes chaos and fury.
  • He shows respect for, and may favor, those with a keen mind for survival.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Blood-thorn whip, gnarled tree

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To reunite with his wife and protect her.


Terra Saud

wife (Important)

Towards Raucus Saud



Raucus Saud

husband (Important)

Towards Terra Saud



Divine Classification
Greater god

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