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60% (approx.) human, elf, and half elf   25% dwarf   7% gnome   8% other races   Fairly large population of entertainers and artisans.   Large population of middle to lower-middle class population in the form of laborers, sailors, and farmers.   Small population of destitute and impoverished, though still present.


Absolute Monarchy. Though the Icefell Lord does maintain the majority of the power in the kingdom, they are also beholden to the Council of Four, who make a lot of the decisions in regards to the upkeep and maintenance of empire's lands.   Military force of approximately 5600. The soldiers are trained in hand to hand combat as well as armed combat with assorted weapons. It is common to also have training with ranger branches of the military to gain the knowledge of survival in the harsh winter climate of the Everwinter Woods as well as the forests south of the city. Officers and specialized units can have magical weapons and armor. There are some who wield or wear equipment made from the capital city's rare Ever-ice material.


Large walls surround the capital city with guard quarters spaced along these walls. The gates are reinforced with the Lumberstone material from Whitepine. There are also large metal gates that guard the large river inlet and outlet of the Mortine River through the center of the capital city.

Industry & Trade

Artisans of exceptional quality reside in the city and can craft anything that is desired, for the right price and with enough time. Everwinter is well known for its beautifully crafted wares. The Frostuhn Mines are rich with various ore deposits and rare stones. There is a dwarven community that reside the Royal Grounds and serves as the workforce of the mines. A dwarven royal family oversees almost an entire city beneath the surface of the mountain. With wealth there is always a demand for fine goods and treasures. As mentioned previously, many craftsmen and women reside in the city and are able to create various goods and materials. This extends to pieces of art in every form. The harsh environments have fostered the type of life a writer can thrive in, and there are many performers of different skills who display their trade openly on the streets in hopes that one day they will be in a noble's great hall one day. Religion always attracts followers and those followers spend coin in their travels. Some religions even require additional coin spent in the temples or shrines themselves. This places of worship bring a great deal of people through the city. There are many shipyards in Everwinter, which are always bustling. The capital city has a regular flow of sailors and vessels moving into its walls. There are also engineering feats that have been achieved, and marveled at, with the combined efforts of a very small gnomish population, the dozen or so trolls that take care of the bridges, and the dwarven community. The secrets are guarded closely, but that doesn't stop investors and travelers from seeking similar work or designs.


  • Docks and shipyards: Royal Port, Quill port, Midport Market, Industrial Docks, Well port, High port
  • Sewers
  • Elaborately constructed bridges, some with lift mechanisms:
  • Many temples scattered across the city
  • Large cemetery: Lara's Station
  • Advanced lift mechanism
  • A large green: Giantfell Park
  • Watermills are set into the walls along the Mortine River's edges beneath roadways and paths


  • The rare Ever-ice material.
  • Frostuhn Mines: mythril, silver, gold
  • fresh water
  • high quality goods and materials
  • mediocre amounts of food stores

Guilds and Factions

  • Shield of Men: based out of the Quarters district
  • Blessed Hammers- mercenaries
  • The Singsong Dagger- entertainment company
  • Rogurr's Vow???: miner's guild in the Frostuhn Mines beneath the surface, led by Engdar Keghall
  • Deities with major temples in Everwinter: Lady Loraneth Rett, Risedia Loguth, Begohroth, Gresian Bromah, Torentias Thrall, Zath, Dieress Tin, Loam, Sherathe
  • Thieves always operate where there is wealth.


Everwinter was founded at the site of the ice giant King Arrg'hun's slaying. King Arrg'hun was history's most feared of all ice giants and ruled the northern lands with an icy and unforgiving fist. As the year 1997 opened the great outpost of Androshad been founded at the northern edge of the eastern continent. As it flourished, from the mining excavations in the surrounding hills, even more settlers arrived and set out towards two additional sites with forts in mind. These forts were located at what are now Whitepine and Zorium. King Arrg'hun laid waste to the fort furthest south and demanded worship and offerings from the humans and elves that were seeking to move into the fertile lands. For a decade the ice giants pressed upon the settlers, breaking the forts beneath them. In mid 2007, the Androse settlement was now battle-hardened and feeling that the King Arrg'hun and his giants may even push them out. It was at this time that a handful of dwarves and elves, previously unknown to Androse quietly approached them and offered aid. Almost a century prior these dwarves were a part of community that broke through a mine's wall, leading to the den of the ice giants. The dwarves had dealt with ice giants before, but not King Arrg'hun and his deadly weapon, [Ice Pick Veering]. The dwarves' defenses were shattered and they died or fled, only saved by the efforts of a reclusive snow elf settlement who had been watching the growing power of King Arrg'hun with concern. The dwarves and elves worked together to stay safe and gather as much intelligence as possible, but knew they would not be able to fight the giants with their smaller numbers. The Androse settlers allied with the surviving dwarves and the Snow elves, who taught them about the giants and the region to help them survive. Slowly the settlement saw progress as they fended off the giants. It was nearing the end of 2020 when the settlement's de facto leader Roderick Fyre set out on a campaign with most trusted allies, Yoldur Elmseave, Mortine Tresso, Lara N'so'la, Rogurr Gundfo, and Triste Gundfo, to slay the king of the ice giants. In a series of intricate moves and secret strategies, the group ambushed the king and his retinue in Frostfort. Many soldiers lost their lives during the scuffle, including Mortine and Rogurr. The ice giants' hoard was uncovered but nothing seemed to compare to the stories of Arrg'hun's treasures that the humans had heard about. Used as a fort beginning in 2021. Due to the extreme conditions that could occur in the region a smaller, and seemingly temporary settlement was established on the south side of present day Mortine River. With the discoveries made of the minerals within the mountain and the main threat of the region having just been dealt with, the group of humans, elves, and dwarves begin to settle into the area now known as Everwinter. It was late in 2022 that this began and a rush of settlers sought to seek a fortune in the wild north. The displaced dwarves were promised a stake in the new kingdom as part of a promise made to the late Rogurr. The snow elves moved into the area as well, leaving their secluded home to help build Everwinter.


Everwinter has some of the largest temples at the highest point of the eastern continent and has become part of pilgrimages for followers of various deities. It also has a large concentration of temples for varying deities. The Frost Fyre castle is impressive to behold, even from a distance. There are many who travel to the New Flur region for a glimpse of the blue-white walls of the castle from their vantage point further down on the mountain. A number of researchers have also made their way to the Everwinter to study the mountains and surrounding lands or the creatures who inhabit them.


Much of the architecture south of the Mortine is human in design. There are some areas with larger structures that house multiple families as well as homes for single families of varying sizes. Some of these structures have steep roofs, especially the closer you move to the river. There is also a small dwarven district, Ielheim, which is built in the typical dwarven style. Structures north of the Mortine are of human or elven make, with more flourishes and attractive designs. All of the roofs are steep or have rounded steeples. Some larger structures have access to the roof so that the snow can be cleared from it routinely. While only some south of the Mortine are able to afford the lumberstone from Whitepine to build their homes, the wealthier northern denizens have almost everything built from it. It serves as a status symbol as well as added protection from the weight of the snow that can quickly pile upon the roof. The castle appears to be of human design with elvish towers and a few rooftop spires that are all wrapped in a glistening sheet of jagged ice. Fyre Frost Castle still has the original ice giant fortress of the ancient frost giant king, but was modified over the centuries to have the unwelcoming and oversized layout repurposed for those of human size.


Everwinter is built at the base of a very large mountain which leads into a vast mountain range, the Frostfort Mountains. There is also a wide freshwater river that flows through the center of the capital city. This is called the Mortine River and feeds into the ocean further to the west. The south side of the capital city sits on a relatively flat area of land, but some hills populate this area as well. This southern area experiences the typical four seasons, but the summers are not as hot and the winters will usually be cold. The grounds north of the Mortine River are mostly all at and incline due to the looming mountain above the capital. This is why you can see the castle from nearly any point in the city. This northern area is also in an almost constant winter due to powerful magics in the mountains. This effect reaches almost exactly to the river, and can cause a build up of ice at times along the north shore.

Natural Resources

Everwinter's northern walls are surrounded by the Everwinter Woods and used for timber. The forests to the east are also used for their timber, the fast moving river aiding in the movement of the logs. Outside the southern walls, the Springfields, farmers have fields of staple crops to help provide for the capital. There are also a few shepherds and farmers who raise livestock, though many are located inside the walls with smaller quantities of animals. There are also the mines which is where the rare Ever-ice is harvested as well as ???? An impressive freshwater river also flows through the center of the capital.
Districts of Everwinter: Green Square Ielheim Harvest Wall Lara's Station South Gate South Center Yeritt's Strip South Landing Park Row Mortine's Oar Ward's Rise Temple District The Quarters Winterwall Royal Grounds Rogurr's Claim
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Poet's Den, Crown of the Bitter North
Inhabitant Demonym
Fierians, Northern Nobles
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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