The Sailors' Spirits

the traveling tavern of the ethereal realm

"Sea lit by moons light
Beach deserted and lonely
white blankets robbing sight
Cold consumes the self slowly

Yapper the arrival betray
Lone light kindels and fades
Glassy bow breaking the spray
Sailors' Spirits awaits"
written by unkown,
believed to point out the access to the Sailors' Spirits.

History of the Sailors' Spirit

The ship known today as Sailors' Spirit was once an independent passenger ship under no flag. Its captain Mortimer Warmheart an his crew were know as idealistic seafarers which would bring travelers to their destination, for a small fee.
  On one of their journeys asked a man cloaked in black linen a passage to a distant kingdom of mysteries and magic. After a moment of hesitation, Mortimer agreed and for a while seemed the voyage to be an easy venture. Shortly before they reached their destination, they saw an armada on the horizon which searched all ships before their passage.
  Despite that it seemed that the journey of the mysterious traveler would end here didn't want the crew to abandon their mission. At the dead of night and under cover of rising mist would captain Warmheart bring the traveler in a boat through the blockade.
  After reaching the beach Mortimer wanted to kindly ask for the payment. The stranger on the other hand just thanked him and told him that the ship would be blessed with luck as long as his newest inhabitant would remain there. Disappointed the captain returned to the ship and laid himself to rest. In the middle of the night, Mortimer was startled when a ghostly knocking sounded from the belly of the ship. In a storage room on the lower decks, he found the wrongdoer. A little yellow scaled kobold was patching some barrels.
  Since the appearance of the kobold - which the crew simply named the Klabautermann - seemed the ship to be blessed with luck. One day a pompous traveler asked for passage. The traveler, seemingly driven by curiosity, talked a lot with captain Warmheart and his adventures. Time and time again he would steer the conversation to the otherworldly luck of the ship and its crew.
  The next voyage, after the gentleman left the ship, seemed to be uneventful. When the crew went out again, however, something seemed different. After a short while Mortimer noticed that the ship was deserted by luck. More and more, the coincidences that showed that their ship was cursed were accumulating.
  The seafarers still wanted to follow their passion, despite these dark omens. In a heavy storm the crew wanted to steer the ship into safety but a wet grave seemed unavoidable. With his last words, Mortimer prayed to the god of death that the crew might continue their service. After the ship was taken by the raging waves, the storm itself seemed to come to rest.
  A ghostly green light came from the darkest depth of the sea and a surge of bubbles burst through the water. With a tearing wave, the previously sunken ship pushed out of the water, its bow now altogether made of glass and the ship itself in most splendid condition, despite the shredded sails and the barnacles infested ship wall.
  On deck Mortimer stood, from now onward part zombie part ghost. The rooms under deck were completely changed. They now resembled more an inn than a passenger ship. Captain Warmheart, now called Spirithand, heard a voice in his mind who unmistakably told him his new task; to save the souls of lost sailors and enable living guests to cross over to foreign climes.
  From then on, the Sailors' Spirits sailed the seas. Since then, many myths have grown up around the ship and its captain, some even claim to have come on board and tell of the most wondrous things they have experienced on deck. Occasionally, travelers even claim that the knocking of the Klabautermann can be heard again on board the ship.

The wandering tavern

The Sailors' Spirit is a bygone ghost ship hard to find on the ocean. Daring adventures and keen minds might find this extraordinary etablisement in a fateful night. The majestic carrack with a glassy bow and blackened wood is accompanied with ever-moving fog to cover its appearence. A detailed fabricated handrail and cracked masts with greyed out, torn sails decorate the upper deck. A masterful door conceals the Captains cabin. In its belly, The Sailors Spirits holds several amenities for restless souls and exotic passengers, escorted by a breeze of salt water filling the air.

The lower deck

The lowest deck of The Sailors' Spirit contains several cabins for exhausted guests. At the bow, the lower deck of the on bord bar awaits its guests.

The sea rats' bunks

The bunks in the ship's lower deck are shrouded in a ghostly light that penetrates through the barnacle-encrusted porthole. A stale scent of clams and seeweed lingers in the room. A shell-covered chest on the ship's side provides storage, while a canvas hammock promises restful sleep.

Lower Dining Deck

In the lower dining deck, the glass bow opens up views of the sea while you sip your drink at one of the tables. Various iron lanterns illuminate the room with their bluish-green light. A spiral staircase leads to the upper dining deck. Round tables with plenty of stools offer a place to sit while the smell of fine seafood invites comers to douse their flames of hunger. A melancholic ghostly sailor named Bree Goodbarrel can be seen at one of the tables waiting for someone to help with her last wish.

The second deck

On the second deck everything revolves around the pleasures of life and seafaring. The upper dining deck allows to sothe your mind with drinks. The Slice 'n Dice invites to some dice games to gain some coins... or lose. If you desire a tattoo, either esthetic or even magical, The Eightfold Stitch is your place to be. The treasures of a hundred sunken ships await you in the lost soul.

Slice n' Dice

A die with sabers driven into it adorns the door of the establishment. A smell cheap booze and exotic tobacco Single lanterns illuminate worn dice game tables in an ominous light. An ivory cup with 5 pitch-black dice perches on each seat, ready to be played. Shirin Tineyes runs the high-roll table with her all-seeing eye. Furthermore, many lost souls can be found there, playing for their hard-earned copper. The dwarf Miranus and the Captain can be found playing here.

The Eightfold Stitch

A square room is bathed in warm light from a large chandelier on the ceiling. A hodgepodge of small vials adorn the shelves on the walls to the left and right. In the center of the room is an elegant, if aged, upholstered armchair with wine-red fabric. A simple wooden stool and a circular side table accompany the cozy-looking seating. Frequently found here is "Black Ink" Travis in particular, ready to decorate willing folk with unique tattoos, even magical if you have enough coin.

The Lost Soul

With the multitude of treasures that lie dormant at the bottom of the sea due to sunken boats, it is little wonder that someone would like to turn these finds into money. In "the Lost Soul" the Locathah Gurgleglob "Glitter" offers his finds for sale to interested travelers. His wares lie in various crates on each wall, and a simple, weathered table in the center of the room serves as a trading post.

Upper Dining Deck

Like in the lower dining deck, passengers can enjoy the sight of a still sea through the glassy bow. A luxurious counter holding manifold spirits in encrusted bottles from doomed transports awaits guests at the opposite side. Behind the counter in an about 3 feet deep pool of water, Ari the bartender mixes desired drinks in an exotic style. Ghosts of the former crew travel through the bar and into the kitchen, serving maritime dishes and well matured alcohol. On one chair next to the glassy bow the noble Sahra Waterhaven enjoys her redwine. The sea elf Deranthil Anterome downs some drinks on a barstool at the counter.

The third deck

Directly under the upper deck passengers with a larger purse can find a more fitting resting place for their high or even noble status . For a more religious clients there also awaits a little chapel devoted to the gods of the sea.

The nobles cabins

Unlike the small bunks in the lower deck, these rooms offer plenty of space for a higher prize. Warm candle light fills the room and reveals a large comfortable bed with several pillows. The scent of a lovely night at a beach replaces the harsh smell of the deep ocean. An elegant room divider offers some privacy to change into more fitting clothes.

Chapel of the sea

An echoing sound of deep voiced enigmatic prayers penetrates the closed door. Upon entering the room, a strong odor of seawater and seaweed fills the lungs. Several ghosts kneel on the ground, begging to get their final rest. A encrusted statue of a elegant woman with tentacles instead of legs holding a skeletal mask up into the air enthrones the middle of the room. Silver candle holders fill the light with a cold blue light, reminding you of moonlight on the ocean.

The upper deck

On top of the ship's hull is the upper deck which holds the steering wheel, some ghostly cannons but seemingly no ammunition for them, the captains cabin which is always closed, and an ominous green crystal held by some adamantine tendrils at front tip of the ship.
Those who dare to investigate the crystal find their mind muddled, their soul drawn to the stone. It seems like this crystal gathers the lost sailors' souls found on its way.


Crew and passengers

Captain Mortimer Spirithand

Captain Mortimer Spirithand is, as his title implies, the head of The Sailors' Spirits. He is a tall, skinny "man", but part ghost, other parts resemble a zombie. his red flashing eye flashes under his wide and elegant black hat decorated with a crow's feather. A long anthracite coat with silver applications over a grey vest cover his undead appearance, while black boots and brown trousers hide his legs. In his ghostly hand, which gave him his new Surname, he holds a crested rapier while in a belt over his chest four daggers wait for their turn to be thrown.
Mortimer is a calm but enthusiastic person, ready to tell or listen some unbelievable stories. He is keen to help those in need, but formost tries to free the souls of lost sailors. Captain Spirithand often resides on deck or in his cabin, but can also be found at the bar, in the Eightfold Stitch or while playing in Slice n' Dice.
Captain Spirithand tells the adventurers in a conversation how the Sailors' Spirit became what it is now. If they prove to be trustworthy, he asks the group to find the traveler who kidnapped Klabautermann and bring him back to him, whether alive or as a soul.
As a reward, he promises a gem worth 300gp and a shell that, when broken, will transport any creature within 10 feet to The Sailors' Spirit.

Ari, the head bartender

Ari is the bartender of The Sailors' Spirit . She is an open and friendly woman of the Merfolk with azure skin who enjoys chatting with her guests. Due to her physique, the area behind the bar consists of a large pool in which she can move around. Because of her job, she knows many rumors from isles they passed. If you ask her about some tales, there are 2 she provides.
The first one is about a hidden island inhabitated by sentient plants. It is said, the friendly fungal folk resides there with a passion for small adventures, while on a sandy beach south of the beach humanoid cacti live in peace with their surrounding and strangers.
The second one is about an island which is said to be a prison for unspeakable horrors guarding some ancient ruins in a hard to reach cave deep inside a thick jungle. Even though noone could prove it till now, it is said to hold many treasures worth the dangers.

Shirin Tineyes

The female ghost hosting the Slice n' Dice is called Shirin Tineyes. She got that name because of two reasons; first, her eyes aren't, unlike other ghosts' eyes, green but tin colored. The second and more fascinating reason is her ability to see through peoples' disguises to cheat in her dice games. Due to this, she is an awed woman leading her etablisement and provides some safety against unfair and maleficent tricks. Besides from dice games the remains pretty introverted and avoids conversations with others, but if someone really wants to talk to her, she becomes a perfect listener and, if wanted, provides some advice.

"Black Ink" Travis

"Black Ink" Travis is an intelligent octopus with a spotty template of deep blue and black. His right eye is covered under an eyepatch while some of his tentacles are decorated with golden bracelets. He is the tattoo artist of the Eightfold Stitch, as the shop's name also assumes. He talks to people via telepathy and his "voice" resembles a monotone, slow talking scholar. Because of his different working brains, Travis struggles with emotions like fear or greed. He's simply interested in gold to find a way to save his kind. If you offer him to help, he's likely to refuse due to his thinking it would be impossible to achive his goal with only a handful of people.

Sahra Waterhaven

Sahra Waterhaven is a middle-aged human noblewoman who has booked passage on the Sailors' Spirits. She is looking for her missing son Martin Waterhaven, who is said to have disappeared at sea years ago. She asks experienced looking adventurers to find her son and promises a reward of 75gp if they can tell her where he is.
Show spoiler
Martin is one of the ship's sailors and, as long as his mother is on board, he takes care of the camps on the lower levels of the ship. When the party finds him, he asks them not to tell his mother that he is dead, thus saving her grief, and offers 50gp in compensation.


Bree Goodbarrel

Bree Goodbarrel was a halfing sailor on a merchant ship during her lifetime, until she went overboard in a heavy storm and drowned in the tides. Deeply frustrated, she often drinks cheap booze at the bar to ease her suffering. She asks adventurers to deliver a letter from her to her husband, a carpenter in a port town, saying goodbye to him.

Deranthil Anterome

Deranthil is a sea elf who has signed on with the Sailors' Spirit. He is a tall and slender man with darkgreen hair and worn-out travelling clothes. The reason why he left his village is that he is accused of leading a group of sahugin there, which led to the death of many elves. Fearing the punishment - which probably would have led to his death - he fled. When the adventurers offer him help to clear the matter, he offers them a pearl worth 150 gp. One of his friends, a Triton, is said to have information about what really happened back then.
Alternative Names
The ghostly tavern, deadman's ferry

Menu of The Sailors' Spirits:
  Sahuagin's Trade (1 silver):
seasoned trout with baked potatoes
  Pirate's Strength (3 silver):
cooked halibut with beans, rice and yam
  Captain's Feast (6 silver):
fish pie with rosemary potatoes, seasoned beans and cocos rice

Siren's Calling (6 silver):
sugar coated glass, grenadine, white rum,
orange juice and mint leaves
  The Damned (8 gold):
1/4 tbsp. salt, white rum, whiskey,
a little bit of lemon juice, elderberry juice, sherry
  Sunken Anchor (4 silver):
lemon juice, sherry, water, brown sugar, mint leaves


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