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Eyes beyond the gods.

What is one if not the actualized eye of the gods themselves. Not simple a mere Eidolon, no, but of every god throughout eternity. The new gods, the old gods, and those that are much older. We see through all, we see past all. Does that make us anything less than everything that there is?   We are the chosen few, and we have earned our place. Our minds are refined machines of The Confederation, and we will foresee any plot against our true leader, and against any prophecy that besmirches our great country. We are able because we are willing, and we are willing because we are endowed with a power like none other could ever hope to have or achieve. The sight of gods, an arcane focus that not even a wizard of the highest caliber would be able to conceptualize. All of eternity is our playground, and all we must do in our due time is simply read the signs to see what is to come about.



A yousi had to be selected from birth by another yousi who was ordained by The Confederation. It was believed that selecting a child after their first year would let the impurities of the world corrupt their ability to see the future.

Career Progression

A yousi would be brought to the age of 7 where training would begin on the seventh day, of the seventh month of that year. From then on, the child would be responsible for their lessons and training. On their 14th year, they were expected to venture out on a religious ceremony to gain a sacred vision. By their 21st year, if they had completed the variety of points of their training to completion at the correct moments, they would be ordained by the government. If at any time they failed, youth would be murdered in their sleep at a rightfully ordained hour.

Payment & Reimbursement

Although Yousi are not allowed to accept money, they generally have their way paid for them anywhere that they go, either by government officials or by casual civilians. Using their divination is intended to be enough for a Yousi, but their ability to see the future gives them great lateral ability throughout society, and they are generally highly prized. There are also no rules within their order about accepting such gifts, and as such, there are sometimes corrupt Yousi who do things simply for favours.

Other Benefits

Yousi are afforded high social rank as well as direct access to the government and various officials in a capacity that very few are. This being said, they are also required to respond to any needs of the royals whenever a royal beckons for them.

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