Divine Thaumaturgy

Divine spells are cast by channeling the raw energy from The Astral Sea and shaping it into a specific effect or object. Casting divine magic generally requires material components, or a divine focus of some sort. A spellcasting focus can be either a manufactured object made for the purposes of casting- such as a holy symbol- or certain naturally magical objects- such as a sprig of holly. The materials/focus is what amplifies the caster's powers and allows them to more easily interact with The Astral Sea. Some spells can be cast safely without any components/focus, but these are generally not as powerful or effective as a spell that must be cast with some sort of component/focus. Casting without any materials/focus is possible, but requires a lot of practice to do so consistently. Since the mage has nothing to help them stabilize the energy from The Astral Sea there is a danger that the spell's effect will backfire.

Focusless Casting

Casting without any materials/focus requires a saving throw with the user's spell casting modifier of DC 10 + The spell's level. On a failed save, the caster also causes another detrimental effect. This is up to GM discretion. For example, if trying to cast "healing word", then perhaps the spell also harms another ally, or perhaps the spell heals an enemy within the spell's range.


Although casting spells initially requires a magic user, there are ways to allow objects and non magic users to cast spells. Through an Enhancement Ceremony an object or creature can be imbued with the ability to channel energy from The Astral Sea, and it is implanted with specific divine instructions that create a passive effect or the ability to cast a spell.


Magic, in all its forms has an appearance and feel that is individual to the user. A devout cleric may have their spells manifest as the holy symbol of their god, while a paladin of frightening resolve might have their magic manifest as glowing white eyes. These manifestations generally only occur while the magic user is casting the spell, and afterwards the effect fade quickly.

Metaphysical, Divine


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