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year 8753 of Leshe Era

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Rahath is a futuristic fantasy world with magic as well as science. The two exist side by side in a society that is largely urbanized. Magic and science both adhere not only to their own individual laws but also the laws of the country where they are being used.   There are many races, most of which were evolved from the first two species in the world, both of which were created by the two gods that are also most widely worshipped in most parts of the world. As such, religion plays an important role in the lives of most beings on the planet and apparitions of the deities are not considered myths, but rather historical facts.   Most large cities were built in places where elves lived first and are designed in a way to accommodate those of the beings that cannot or prefer not to use an aspect of regular urban landscape sufficient to the majority - such as underground tubes for mermaids under sidewalks or high planted houses for elves.   This world is the perfect place for the combination of high fantasy quests as well as sci-fi set not only on the ground but also in space. Vampires in space, anyone?