Sandy Hollow

A small but important island that declared independence from its mother-hollow only four praspan (months) after its founding. That was a bit less than ten malspan (years) ago and yet they are on the verge of civil war.   It is home to two broadly separated factions that formed very near its inception.



The Fashionistas favor loyalty to the heart-land and the concept of high culture. Though they value their independence, they share a cultural identity with those "back home." and would prefer to stay on good terms with them. They consider themselves independent from Branching Hollow, but unlike their rivals, they do see themselves as part of the confederacy.   They can be recognized by dressing in high fashion despite the somewhat rough nature of their relatively young colony.   They maintain a nominal subservience to the Confederation and follow its treaties, and have traditionally held sway over the colony.  


The Fashionistas have fallen into disfavor following the syndicate's recent actions.  

The New-fang-alist

  The newfangalists favor a complete severance from the Confederation and becoming their own thing. Most say that the past was left back on the mainland and that it's time to find their own way. They also favor a more active approach in local conflicts with the Tridents   Mostly chafe against the Confederacy's restrictions on what goods can be produced in the colonies.   They can be recognized by understanding yet fashionable slacks and tank tops as well as their understated tooth jewelry.   Take on their contracts and you will likely convince them to join your Empire when the time comes.  


The newfangalist have risen to power on the back of the crew's actions. They have joined the syndicate.


Mostly schurra with small Rujahmolji, Scathan, and Azel minorities.   It is the most densely populated island in the region and has the feel of an actual city - if a somewhat ramshackle one - rather then a colony.


A raucous and poorly organized "Council of Aldermen" that ostensibly forms a functioning governing body. It has deep divides that reflect those of the island's major burrows (extended families).    It is not uncommon for the meetings of the council to devolve into a two-way barrage of accusations, insults, and fists. It's considered bad manners to bet on the outcomes of fist-fights they break out in the council chambers; but people do it anyway.

Industry & Trade

They mostly specialize in importing raw materials from nearby islands and refining them into more densely valuable forms for export back to the "Home-Burrows" - mostly via Granriin.   They import cinnabar and refine it into quicksilver, fur-seal pelts and make them into fine hats, metals from the homelands and refine them into tools to sell to nearby islands, and much more.    Their economy mostly relies on the fact that the initial colonist were mostly skilled artisans with an adventurous streak who wanted to go out and claim peace of the isles for themselves. This combined with the Schurra's prolific ability to breed lead to them quickly becoming a center of skilled labor in the region.    They do produce some things themselves, including pearls, glassware, and fish-oil.


A wide variety of mineral, professional, and agricultural resources.   In truth, the island's most valuable asset is its well-established and dense population which includes a high proportion of trained artisans. They import raw materials from nearby islands and refine them for export.


Sandy Hollow started out as a colony launched by a joint venture of many guilds and burrows of Branching Hollow. They wanted to get in on the profits and discoveries the other Confederacy members were found in the isles.    As is basically tradition for Schurra colonies it almost instantly got fed up with homeland oversight and declared independence from Branching Hollow. They never officially split from the Confederacy but their membership is a grey area.    The island itself is highly strategic and contains a variety of resources, but was passed over by earlier settlers because of its devastatingly hot climate (even in comparison to very nearby neighbors) and its barren - desert like surface. What's more, that general blazing heat is broken up by extreme "cold snaps."   The Schurra got around this in their traditional way, building their settlement far below the surface. They dug down through the ashy sand until they found soil and went about delving their burrows and excavating their hollow.    With that done, they quickly grew into a center of skilled labor in the area.    Despite being one of the most populated islands in the region, most of the island itself is still unexplored. Sandy Hollow as a Hollow is very dense, and most of the island is hostile desert speckled with strange ruins and deadly predators that hide in the sand.
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