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Raziel the archangel of humility and faith is considered the leader of the seven archangels and therefore the most powerful. His domain encompasses faith itself and therefore to believe in anything is to give strength, either willingly or not, to Raziel. He favors those who are zealous in their beliefs whether they are of him or not is irrelevant, for the act of belief itself is all that is required. Those who lead a simple life and who value themselves equally with others are also met with his benevolent gaze for one who realizes that he is nothing can see the things that are truly great in front of them.

Divine Domains

Humility, Faith, Belief

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two Rams heads butting together.

Tenets of Faith

" Remember that one is all and all is one." " Faith is the sword, and belief is the shield."


Humilitas, celebrated on the 7th day of the seventh month
Divine Classification

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