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Having been discovered exactly 237 years ago by a rouge Xenetian trade fleet looking to sell illegal cargo, the continent of Kho'as, so named after the captain of said fleet, is an entirely new world completely untouched by the races/countries of the old world. The discovery of this new land mass shook the old world of Umios to its core along with its residents. For the next 200 years Kho'as has been the cause of many a conflict between the old powers both in the old world and the new, and while for the past 35 years since the end of the 3rd Colonial War peace has reigned between the major powers, the fear that a new conflict could erupt has never truly gone away. In fact that fear is more real then ever with the current state of affairs in Cho'as: Avers new king hastening expansion in the north, the mighty Empire of Rem and Kingdom of Hind having ever increasing and bloody border skirmishes, the independant settlements on the frontier unifying and growing an ever stronger identity, the monstrous savages who are indigenous to Kho'as whose only goal seems to be that of constant bloodshed, and last but not least The Serene Republic of Xenice stands to gain the most from a new conflict as the strongest economic power and a major arms dealer in their own right. Indeed the brief history of Kho'as is a saga of blood and war, of intrigue and greed, and perhaps most of all. one of order and chaos.


Before the colonists did away with the them, the vast majority of the continent was covered in thick forests with trees that were of a very hardy nature compared to those in the old world. Naturally these forests were cleared to make room for settlements and agriculture, but also because the trees themselves as was discovered made fine building materials due to their resilient nature. The wood from the trees were so sought after that on the coastline the tree has nearly been eradicated and only exists in persevered locations mostly created and held by The Serene Republic of Xenice who, ever looking ahead for the sake of profits, keep these reservations as a source of easily harvested wood. This depopulation of trees has created vast plains spanning the coast which is used for everything from planting crops to animal husbandry. This great ocean of grass extends quite far into the interior of the continent, gradually lessening into small wooded areas as one approaches the frontier until at last the sea ends and a new sea of vast forests stretches in all directions. This is where the woodlands are still numerous is the demarcation line of where "civilized" lands end, and the vast unexplored wilderness of the frontier begins. Not much is known about what lies beyond the Great Green ,as it is called by the nearby settlers brave enough to make their homes near it, except for the fact that only the most well equipped and veteran exploration parties can survive in it for any real amount of time let alone make any real progress into its interior. One thing everyone knows or at least has heard is that secrets and wealth beyond imagining lie within the Great Green waiting to be discovered by the brave and the foolhardy alike.  

Coming from the depths of the Great Green, are the large and majestic rivers and their waterways that divide the colonized lands. The largest and by far most important river is The Golden River which runs from the Great Green all the way to the coast to empty in the bay of New Xenice. This river is comparable to a natural highway which feed life into the surrounding areas by sheer proxy of it existing. Without this river, the colonization of the new world would still be in its infancy such is the importance and necessity of this natural highway into the interior of the continent from which all manner of goods, people and ideas flow upon. The second largest river is that of The Clementis River , named after the Hinden explorer who discovered it and the lake upon which it flows into which also shares the same name. Located in the southern half of the continent, the Clementis River shares many of the aforementioned benefits and uses as the golden river, but mostly for the Kingdom of Hind who has lain claim to the river and much of the surrounding area. The last of the major rivers is located in the geographic center of the continent and also flows into a lake. This river is known as Rems' Highway and is primarily controlled by the Empire of Rem.


Natural Resources

The wood from Khoasian trees is of superb quality as stated above and is highly prized for its durability and resistances to the elements. While most of the coast is striped of the forests it once had, it did not happen overnight. Harvesting Khoasian wood is an arduous task at the best of times since the trees that produce it are very resilient indeed especially when compared to the specimens found within the old world, and thus the process of harvesting takes longer then what would be for a normal tree, and the process of making the wood into anything useable is even more time consuming requiring skilled craftsmen and artisans to make use of this sturdy material to its fullest.  

Metals and ores are sparse in the new world outside of the few mountain ranges, but sufficient ore deposits have been found by the Empire of Rem in their established territory. There is a particular metal of note that is unique to the continent named Khodium that is coveted by every major power for its light weight and high durability. This metal has so far been found in the Tauros Mountains, which is currently being disputed by the empire and kingdom of Hind.


While they are not "natural" in the sense that nature created them, ancient ruins are extremely coveted by almost everyone for what they might hold. No one is quite sure what happened to the ancient civilization that left these ruins behind, but regardless who or what left them behind it is certain that the major powers will pay handsomely for even information on the location of ruin especially the types that are mostly intact.

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