Roadside Market

"Roadside Market was our first stall and it was where we became an actual group. More like community than a family. The days stopped being so long when we had our Market."   "Do you miss it?"   "Sometimes. But then I look around Junktown, see everything we've become, and I'm satisfied with that."
— Margaret "Peggy" Johnson, President of the Treasure Keepers


Roadside Market was created when Treasure Seekers took over a family restaurant located at almost directly on the road. Part of what Peggy wanted was a place for drifters and others to stumble upon them, so they took over Big Boy's restaurant and divided up the area into a place to bring in items, a place to organize what could be make from the items, a place to sell the items, and finally, a place for the entire community to stay safely and sleep.    The original structure soon outgrew everything that it was needed for and the Treasure Seekers needed to make some porches where they could display goods, take in items, and keep the inside area for living arrangements. When Peggy heard that Dale Whiote was going to re-take the nearby mall and make it into a super trading post, sure urged her Volunteers/Committee Members to get their first and take over one of cornerstone anchors, such as a Sears.

Winter 1960

Founding Date
May 2nd 1958
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