Mess Hall / Cafeteria / Kitchen

"We're always eating at the same time with everyone else. Sometimes, Gail, I swear, I'd murder for some alone time."   
— Debs complaining to Gail 

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the cafeteria /mess hall / kitchen is to have an area were everyone can sit down at the same time and eat their meal. This is done for several reasons. 
  1. It means people can't come in at the first and last part to get more food (prevents theft). 
  2. It means "community bonding" (thanks NF - Matthew )
  3. It means some foods can be handed out easily in a line up rather than one at a time
  4. It means dishes and cutlery can be washed at the same time 
  5. It allows community members to check on each other and make sure everyone is doing well (thanks again to Matthew)


The area used to be the circular drive and square parking space for people to come look at houses. The circular drive is still there, but the main street is blocked off with a heavy duty door, the whole area has been fenced in, and the parking lot has been turned into an kitchen (building since it's outdoors) and a series of picnic tables cobbled together (with tent poles to fasten an overhang for too hot or rainy outdoors.


The kitchen "building" is what could be made with extra items lying around after the apocalypse. There is also a giant pot, a giant fire pit, and spit.
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