MAD - Lady Luck

"The Lady Luck was our home away from home. Here, dad let me do whatever I wanted, and I wanted to be a sailor. Junior hated me for it. He said that this time was meant for him and that I should be at home in the kitchen with mom, where girls like me belonged."   
— Judith talking about the ship she and her brother are angry about

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the boat was so that John could spend time away from his wife, with his kids, and to have a meeting place for his old "friends" from the gang. He liked being able to talk with his daughter away from society and hearing her "real" feelings since she wasn't comfortable doing that in front of her mother or John Junior, who would scold her for not acting womanly enough.


At this point, the "alterations" have been done by nature and none of them have helped the boat. The wooden planks are somewhat warped and rotten, the mast has fallen off, all the supplies have been carted off, and there was a small well dug deep enough to get to the water. By now, there is nothing left to take from the ship except the "hidden treasure" their dad talked about before he died.   The problem is, Judith says it's all hers and Junior says it's all his. Each is afraid that the other will take the items in the safe and steal them without giving them a red cent. If the other family members become involved, there is going to be bloodshed and possibly death, which is something the siblings want to avoid.


John, John Junior, and Judith were out sailing when the bombs fell. John was injured when the ship's mast cracked, and he tried to tell Judith that the safe held her and Junior's future. What actually came out, since both kids were there when he died, was that "the future" was in the safe. Junior heard this to mean his future (since his sister would marry another man and be a wife). Judith heard this to mean her future (since her and her dad had talked about her worries and wants for the future).    This ended in a stalemate since neither child trusted the other to hand over whatever they found in the safe. Junior thinks that Judith would steal most of it before they "split" the take, and Judith believes Junior wouldn't give her any.    The problem is also that they don't know the combination to the safe. When Gail and Jerry happen upon the group, they decide to take advantage of the pair. Jerry is taken hostage by a plan concocted by both siblings. Gail is the one that needs to figure out how to open the safe and give them the items (fairly) inside.
Vehicle, Ship
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