MAD - Judith "Jude" Smith

Mrs. Judith Mary Alton- Smith (a.k.a. Jude) (She/Her)

"Women can do anything men can."  
— Judith Smith

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Judith was the eldest child (daughter) of John and Mary Smith. She was a pre-teen before the bombs fell, and was starting to be told by her mother how to be a "good" girl since she was something of a tomboy. She didn't like being told to take better care of her dresses when she wore them, didn't like being told she couldn't hang out and play with the boys anymore, and didn't agree with her mother to stop sailing with her father and younger brother.    On her last trip out, during which her father had to beg to persuade her mother, the bombs fell after her father had met with another man and taken a bag into the interior of the boat and placed it in the safe.    He explained that what he put in the safe was for their future, and would allow his daughter to do whatever she dreamed of. Then the bombs came, their father was hurt, and when he died, he didn't make clear who was the have the stuff (which has set off the conflict between John Jr. and Judith).

Gender Identity

Judith is fine being female, but wants society to accept that women can do whatever a man can. She wishes to be allowed comfort and friendship without worry about "girly" things.


Judith went to the local schools until she was 14, when the bombs hit. She was best at math and science, hated English, and was okay at history (mostly conflicts and battles since those interested her).


Judith is not employed, and when it becomes obvious that the items John left for his children weren't going to help them in this new future, she (and her brother) are forced to find another place to live since her "settlement" of Johnstown isn't stable. There are thoughts that if she can get together with her brother, their tow groups combined would be able to make a Waystation, but although Gail plants that seed in their mind, she's not able to know the results until much later [possible short story].

Accomplishments & Achievements

She has accomplished leading and making sure that Johnstown (her family) has survived. She's also smart, realizing that these two people can be tricked into helping them when a bigger caravan (or a single drifter) can't.    She's the one who decides to take MC's friend captive and force Gail into the boat to retrieve the worthless jewels.

Failures & Embarrassments

She doesn't know what to do when Gail gets the jewels. She didn't realize that pre-war worth and after-bombing worth had changed that much (right now she thought it would maybe be a map to a good place, or supplies that she could use for her family.

Mental Trauma

She was the one in charge when her father was hit since she was the eldest, even though her younger brother tried to wrestle control away from her. (This is part of why she doesn't trust him).

Morality & Philosophy

She is determined to get things done, and has no problems stepping on (over) people to do it.
Current Status
Trying to get the items from John's boat & help her settlement survive
Current Residence
green, squinty (needs glasses)
Short, self-cut, rough
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruled Locations


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