DDR - Arthur

"Of course I go downtown. I go there every day to make sure no one's looting my shop!"   
— Arthur, owner of Art's Art Supplies 

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Arthur grew up in a well loved family, even though that time period most families paid little attention to their children. He was the youngest of three and with all of the expectations placed on the older kids, he was free to do what he wanted to do (which was play in the river and get muddy, his mother used to say).    As he got older he began to wish there were expectations placed upon him, and when his parents declined to do that, he placed high expectations on himself.

Gender Identity



Likes women.


Art graduated from high school and took a few business classes at university, but ultimately he failed too often and he was expelled from the school. No matter - Arthur decided that he would go to a new town and make a new name for himself. He had just enough business information and class under his belt that he felt he could open and run an art supply store (which would also double dip into school supplies). Franklin was supposed to be the best "up and coming place" for people to raise their children, so he went there.


Art was the owner, manager, and salesman for the store. It ran on his times, closed during his lunch, and if he wanted to stay open a bit longer (such as the hour art classes in the community started up), then he could choose to do that. At the moment, since the building was new, he'd sunk a lot of money into supplies, and a lot of people were going to check out the mall in the area, Art was barely making ends meet and was living in the backroom of the shop when the bombs fell (he wasn't downtown at that time since he was talking to the nearby Primary school about buying their supplies for class through him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Arthur accomplished graduating high school and a few classes of university. He's opened up his own store, and like to see himself as a man moving up in the world.

Failures & Embarrassments

Although Arthur believes otherwise, others feel that him not staying to graduate university was a failure - he sees it as "seeing the truth about myself" and claims that some people don't need to attend university. He doesn't want his first business to be see as a failure though, so he is working had to make sure Art's Art Supplies isn't a failure.

Intellectual Characteristics

Can usually sense where there might be a little wriggle room when a deal is going down. He's quick to grab it and usually even quicker to take advantage of the other person in the negotiation. However, he fails to understand that even with supply and demand, there is also human need to consider.

Morality & Philosophy

He believes that his negotiations play fair to both him and the other person, so he doesn't feel back when he "takes advantage" of a person - he sees it that they are not aware enough to protect themselves. On the other hand, he dislikes people who step on others when trying to make their way in the world, and bullies who punch down.


Taboos for him mostly involve taking things away - taking his store items, stealing money, stealing girlfriend/boyfriend, all of that.


Contacts & Relations

He stays with the group of scavengers and tries to build up his supplies so he can stay with his shop longer. He doesn't have any other friends or family since he moved here to start his business.

Family Ties

His family is all the upper east section of the USA, and those he wonders about them sometimes, he's convinced himself that he can't go find them and that they would want him looking after his business.

Religious Views

Arthur is of the opinion that religion is between a man and his god. He also tends to "pray" for things that he wants and would help him. ["daily religious = goes to church one day a year"]

Social Aptitude

He has confidence and ego, but Arthur is a bit low on charm, and since the scavengers he's with are looking for other people, him looking after his shop seems a little "insensitive" to the others.

Wealth & Financial state

Arthur was a new business owner and had just opened a stationery shop on Main Street. He sunk all of his time and money into this business and is fixated on making sure that it can be used one day again in the future. He visits the shop to tidy, clean, and make sure that none of his inventory goes missing.


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