Bag of Jewels

"What I've hidden behind the picture... in the safe... is something for your futures..."   
— the last words of John Smith, said to both of his children before he died


John moved to Franklin to get away from the underground life he used to live. He took his wife and the two of them swore never to talk about what they had done before.    However, this meant that when his daughter began to worry about not being able to be herself and do what she wanted, John wanted to give her (and his son) enough money that they could have a leg up in the world and do what interested them (work to live, not live to work).    This meant that when the old gang contacted him and asked him to fence some stolen jewels, he took the job, getting enough money for his work that he would be able to help his kids. The boat trip with his daughter and son was to take the jewels from his group (given to him from another man on another boat) and meet with another person on the pier who would give him the money.    However, the bombs fell, he was injured (and died soon after), and the kids only knew that one of them was supposed to get the items in the safe. They argue and distrust each other about it for years, until Gail comes by and they force her to open the safe.


These jewels hold a very high significance to both Judith and John Jr. since these were "supposed to change their lives." However, both are disappointed because in the "new" world, these jewels are meaningless.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
These are several rare jewels (diamonds included) that were stolen from a jewelry store outside of Franklin and were driven to the town so John could fence them. Their worth is about $500,000 dollars.


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