* Elizabeth Rosemary Stone

Elizabeth Rosemary White- Stone (a.k.a. Lizzie) (She/Her)

"...mom? I can't believe it's you! Actually looking around and seeing everything here, I can 100% believe it's you."   
— Lizzie's remark upon meeting her mother again

Physical Description

Body Features

Lizzie walks with a bit of a limp (she hurt herself when trying to help someone else out when she was younger), but other than that she's similar in build to her mother and brother - slender with muscles.

Facial Features

Lizzie has thick dark brown and curly hair, ears that stick out a little (can't really be seen too much due to hair volume), and a light dusting of freckles across her nose. Her ears are also pierced.

Identifying Characteristics

For many people, the biggest identifiers are Lizzie's hair or her limp.

Apparel & Accessories

Lizzie likes to wear skirts (easier to sew and maintain) with a vest as her main top (this is what shocks people, but it's also easier to wear, create, and maintain - not that many people are wearing three-piece suits anymore). There's not much in the way of stockings, but there are still socks and usually shoes that can be found in the ruins.

Specialized Equipment

Equipment she brings with her is a purse full of what she needs to knit, sew, and otherwise make and mend clothing. She also makes sure that she has dried sunflower seeds to spread about, and she tries to keep a variety of dried vegetable seeds on her as an item of trade.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lizzie was eight years old when the bombs fell, only a year older than her younger brother Mikey. For the first couple of days she stuck close to her mother (also a survivor) and made sure that she was keeping an eye on Mikey.    Their mother was out scavenging supplies when other scavengers broke into the house. Lizzie took her brother outside to hide, but she outdistanced him and when she turned around he was gone.    She tried to find him (even though she tried not to call attention to herself), but she couldn't find Mikey and when she looked up she realized she was lost and wouldn't be able to find her way home again.    Lizzie kept walking, and eventually was found by a teacher from the upper levels of the primary school. He was collecting students (and other "lost souls") and going back to the school to join up with the middle school and high school teachers that had been at work.    She stayed with them until she "graduated." The school at that point was doing 1/2 traditaitonl education and 1/2 "how to survive the world post-bombs" education. Lizzie met Brian White at the school and when the he graduated first, he stayed close by and waited for Lizzie. They "married" as best they could and decided to start a family together.


Lizzie received a better education than her younger brother Mikey. Most of her learning goes up to high school science and English, but math and history tapered off to turn into hands-on science "projects" (planting sunflowers, cockscomb, and amaranthus to "clean up" radiation). Both men and women in these groups were told how to "clean" water, cook post-bombs food, clean laundry, etc. [While the boys were against it in the beginning, teachers pointed out that the more skills a person has, the better chances they'll have of getting into a better settlement.]


Lizzie has never experienced employment, but knows "living basics" such as sewing, cooking, baking, laundry, etc.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lizzie, after hearing and seeing what happened in the downtown area, considers it an accomplishment/achievement that she's survived the bombing when so many other people didn't.

Failures & Embarrassments

She feels that losing her mom and Mikey is the biggest failure in her life, and so she threw herself into trying to help the other students and teachers at the school (she was a little annoying to the older students when she was younger, but that helped out in the long run since the older students knew [more] of what had been lost, and taking care of a small girl who was trying to do her best [and who was getting in over her head] helped anchor them to the present.

Mental Trauma

The fact that she thinks her mother and brother are dead because of her is a mental trauma she carries with her daily, though as she gets older (and a lot of the teachers try to point out that there's only so much an eight year old can do), she's at least come to terms with it... though she probably clings tighter to Brian than she would have if they were dating pre-bombs.

Intellectual Characteristics

Lizzie is well balanced when it comes to book learning, but is more "people smart" than book smart. She's honed her reading people skills and does better trying to help, which is also a reason she's better at her domestic skills as well since that's usually the area people are wanting help in.

Morality & Philosophy

Lizzie does her best to help others, but also understands that you can't help everyone sometimes (there were a few times in the beginning that even though the teachers found someone, they weren't able to give help - not enough food for everyone, not enough medical supplies, sometimes not even enough water.


For Lizzie, taboo is holding back something when it's in the capability of the person to give, no matter if it's clothing or kind words.

Personality Characteristics


Lizzie is motivated by trying to help people around her, and making a place where she feels safe being with her family. It's not that she wants to be a hero, but she saw firsthand how a community could develop and help people (from the teachers) and wants to be a part of that in another area.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She's very good at homemaking things, and it's a bit of a passion that drives her (if she's good at it, no one will leave her). She's good at making small talk for long periods of time since she grew up with several other children in the school. She's not very good at creating engineering objects and is horrible at defending/attacking.

Likes & Dislikes

Lizzie likes the satisfaction of being part of a group (she very much dislikes being on her own), and likes being able to prepare or provide something to the group (sewing, crafting, baking, etc.). She also has dog tags, though these are in her purse and not around her neck since she feels she doesn't need them anymore (it's a time of peace).

Virtues & Personality perks

Strengths: tries to help others, is kind when possible, is a whiz at domestic arts.

Vices & Personality flaws

Flaws: tries to do helps when others don't want the help, will do almost anything to avoid being left alone, prefers being in a group.


Learned in school that sickness can be compounded by having a sick and dirty body, so she cleans and washes as best she can.


Family Ties

She has group ties to the teachers that saved her and the other children, but she's ready to make her own family ties (even if it worries her a little bit that her own kids might go missing like she and her little brother did at the start of the post-bomb era.

Religious Views

Is religious in the way that she'll thank God for the good that comes into life and for the bad as well (since the bad helps her be good).  Misses churches (at least the idealized version).

Social Aptitude

Lizzie usually needs to be doing something while she's talking (knitting, sewing, etc.) and this can bother some people (and lead them into thinking that she's not paying attention to them as they talk). She has manners and some charisma (but she says it's not charisma, but people happy she can help them).
Current Status
Wants to find a place to settle down for her own family
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Miss Helpful, Little Mother
Date of Birth
6th of June
Year of Birth
1950 18 Years old
dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
lightly tanned
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Here, I'll fix that."  "Do you know where to find that?"  "Let's exchange patterns!"


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