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Quills and Scribes of the Sahrian Union

5 years after the Sahrian Union's Founding, 2019

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It has nearly been a decade, since the Commomwealth, once a bastion of the Scribe's virtues fell into a spiral of corruption and oppression by the former Voice of the Rites, Archjustice Androbeles the 9th.     Fortunately a peaceful revolution led by the Nightwings overthrew the nobles who had profited from the war with the Harps,launched reformations and the literacy ban was lifted as it was rebuilt into the Sahrian Union.   Unfortunately some of the guilds have reported that some children have developed uncontrollable word based magic and a strange malaise hangs in the air. Can the Quillslingers save the day?   (Note: I don't own any of the characters from Pyre or the following concepts, they belong to either Supergiant Games or Whimsy Machine Media.)

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