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Wordcurse, is a rare magical disease, that affects people who stay too long in the Word ado or Babble zones, where word magic flows freely.     Wordcurse causes the victim to gain a temporary uncontrollable amount of word magic.     However, this magical disease can be cured.

Transmission & Vectors

Speaking, staying in wild magic zones or Babble zones.       Becomes infectious if somebody says the word sick or anything like that in earshot of somebody else.


Tainted word magic, or Babble zones where knowledge and literature were superseded.


The symptoms start as a minor tingle in the tongue, but then grow progressively worse with each sentence said.   The second stage, has people's words literally turn purple.     In the final stage,  Wordcurse infected people with literally babble every formal variation of what they were trying to say out loud .


Wordcurse, can be cured by healing magic, or easily treated with dock leaves in the first stage. Dock leaves are easy to obtain.


Pain In the tongue for a while. First stage is fairly mild, the second stage is an annoyance, while the third stage Thesaurus is life threateningly dangerous.     If somebody boasts about being undying, the Wordcurse will cause them to slowly become undead from the inside out.


This can result in fear over speaking out loud, or social stability being threatened.

Affected Groups

Everybody who stays too long in babble zones. Anybody who isn't selectively mute.

Hosts & Carriers

Babblefruit only carry the first stage. Not many plants or animals can be affected, unless you count magic familiars.


Amulets, staying safe, not going into babble zones.


The first recorded case took place during the era of the Second Archjustice. However, the former Pyreheart Undertow Floodwyn, Coral's own ancestor, became very infamous because he nearly died in the late stages, in the year 370 CW.

Cultural Reception

Feared by everyone, especially playwrights, actors, the educated and anybody who might be able to read or hear.

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