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Bogspell Ward

A muggy and slightly overgrown district of Eightpartyn, where the Bog Crones live and work on their magics. Was built near swampland, much to the nobles indignation, who consider it an eyesore.


75% Bog Crones, 10%Nomads, 10%Demons and 5%Imps.


Usually operates under the Sahrian Union laws. However privately the High Covenmaster carries a lot of social power among the locals.


Emergency watchtowers, guards and trained mages. Has plenty of hiding places in swamp areas.

Industry & Trade

Selling inventions or practising magic. The imports are fresh food and water, mushroom wine , magic and arcane ink is exported from Bogspell. There's also book manufacturing.


The infrastructure has five bridges, several houses built upon stable land, two workshops mushroom farming, magic stores and tutorship . A shrine to Molten Milhide is near the swamp.


Swamp grass, arcane ink, greenscale bite mushroom wine and magical might.

Guilds and Factions

The Mother's hand, a group of Scribe traditionists are the leading hand in politics. Also an Inventor guild and several competing Magic Guilds live here. Bogspell Boggarts is the local sport team and the Tongue of Ysalch used to lurk here.


1000 years before Nightwings Revolution: Bogspell District formed by Matron Natgirder at Mihilde's request. 600 years ago, a Coven Civil war happened and lasted for 4 years. More recently 52 years ago Ulmidhe was arrested, along with her cult and banished to the Downside.


Bogspell mostly has brown wood or brick houses with a green scale patterned door on each house. Magical guilds normally have neater decor, compared to the messier inventors.


Swampland, with flatlands, islets and plains near the Harp Aeries.

Natural Resources

Wood, water, mana and mushrooms.
Alternative Name(s)
The Greenscale
Inhabitant Demonym
Bog spellers
Included Locations

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