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The Brimellin Family

This is the family of sorcerers that gives the city of Brimellin (Waltachia) its name. In itself, this feat is not particularly remarkable, as most modern cities trace their origins to a powerful family or another. What is particularly noteworthy in this case is that the family of sorcerers managed to build a lasting base of operations in the middle of a country dominated by vampires.


The Brimellins still have a few mansions in their city and control a commercial empire of supermarkets, cinemas, and a bus company. They are negotiating with elves to create a special clothing brand with magical properties using their name too.


The Brimellin's history begins in the opposite end of the world, in a town that has since been erased from existence. Sorcerers and humans were at war in the area, so a small family of adventurous sorcerers packed their bags and fled the destruction. They travelled north, through territories already controlled by sorcerers, until they arrived in the land of the werewolves. Most travellers would have stopped there, but not the Brimellins. They had been on the run for five years by this point, why not go another five?   They passed through the werewolf land and crossed the sea into a vampire-controlled land. They kept going further still, until they were at the northernmost part of this new continent, and there, in a valley surrounded by mountains and vampire villages, they founded a little village.   The village was located in a fairly impractical place to protect by military means, but the Brimellins thought of another way to keep themselves safe: diplomacy. The family prospered in shady deals that exchanged their own children for local influence, giving them away to marry influential vampire locals who wanted to use their magical abilities to improve their influence. Thanks to that, the little village was protected from direct attacks and other sorcerers displaced by wars moved there. Vampire locals from the surrounding villages joined them overtime, and after 500 years the little village ha grown into a sizeable town.   Herment, Jyne, and Holger Brimellin are said to be the first children to marry and start families in the new village. Their parents had actually settled in a different vampire-dominated village nearby, but sent the children away to a small settlement of vampire peasants along with two hired vampire "guardians".   Herment was the oldest and was already engaged to a fellow sorcerer whose family was dragged along the Brimellin's long journey as cannon fodder in case they needed to defend themselves from hostile enemies. Herment's partner was called Aelina. The total number of their children has been lost, but it is believed to be many, with Aelina bearing them all.   Jyne and Holger would have been young children at the time of the move, but ancient records show that a few years later their parents had them marry the vampire bodyguards. This is the only register of the 1500s in which young teenagers are married to people more than twice their age, and was probably frowned upon even then. But the Brimellins did what they thought had to be done, and the line of mixed vampire-sorcerers that descend from those marriages still rules over Brimellin to this day, though not in a political sense.

Do not cry for blood spilled, take it back instead

Founding Date
The earliest register of the name being used is 1434.

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