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The Rhy'varian War

The Rhy'varian War was the largest conflict in the history of the Cauresian Empire, and is considered one of Ald'Ihn's biggest failures. Oest and Kelvor are considered the winners of the war.   It lasted approximately 23 years, from Demurity 1262 to Epiphany 1285.   The start and end of the war was the most eventful periods, while most of the middle was just skirmishes, general hostility between the north and the south, and some bigger battles now and then.   The hero of the war was the Oestian Knight-General Andred Baldravain, leading the Legion of Truth during the entire war, from the Battle of Aimen's Refuge to the Battle of The Abyss.

The Conflict


The 1240s and 50s were a time where tensions were at an all time high. Disputes between people from different kingdoms often led to fist-fights, and foreigners didn't feel safe in certain cities. One example of this is a chivalry of Oestian Knights of Truth being chased out of Goldshore by an angry mob of Embrosi. The leaders of these times also went behind each others backs.   The spark to set it all off however, was just some minor trifle. Due to a personal complication surrounding the purchase of a huge gem by the King of Embrosia Vaxus id Olmus, the King of Kelvor Banir Tarum refused Vaxus permission when he asked to mine for gems in the Marble Mountains. Id Olmus, known to be a greedy man with a craving for treasure, was enraged at the refusal and banished all Kelvorians from Embrosia.   A couple weeks later, a band of dwarves were caught trying to steal the gem from the royal treasury in Goldshore. Vaxus id Olmus executed them all the same day and - believing it was Banir Tarum's doing - declared war on Kelvor. Oest quickly joined Kelvor's side, and the Oestian-Kelvorian Alliance was established. Llendas, always having tight connections with Embrosia, joined their side and forged the Southern Pact.


The first army to mobilize was the Golden Militia. They marched straight for the Kelvorian border. Vaxus meant both to learn the dwarven king a lesson, as well as gain the permission to mine by force, as he said it would enlarge the Embrosi fortune tenfold.   The Llendasian army marched towards Aimen's Refuge, hoping to enlist the Lathaians' help.


The battles largely took place at the borders of every country involved in the war, as well as the strip of land between Ninthalor's Abyss and the Dalryn Ocean.

The Engagement

When the Golden Militia was a couple of leagues past Saintver, the Kelvorian army was there to meet them. After a few months of minor battles and the sides trading wins and defeats, the Golden Militia was forced backwards. Around the same time, the Llendasians arrived in Aimen's Refuge and found the Legion of Truth already waiting. A bloody battle resulting in quite a few civilian deaths ensued, known as the Battle of Aimen's Refuge.   The biggest battle, and also the battle which would decide who ultimately won the war, was the Battle of The Abyss. It occured because the Oestian and the Kelvorian army managed to trap the Golden Militia at the Crossroads by coming west, from Lathai, and north, from Kelvor. At this point, close to 90% of both sides' current military strenght was out in field, at the Crossroads. The war had been going on for so long that to avoid risking a defeat, they had to draw almost all of their military forces.   The battle took place right next to the many hundred feet drop down into Ninthalor's Abyss. Llendas was supposed to come to the battle, but for some reason they didn't show up, leaving the Embrosi outnumbered. Both sides' Conjurers took advantage of this and hurled soldiers down before the battle naturally moved away from the edge. The battle raged for the better part of a week, until Andred Baldravain beat the Warrior King Vaxus id Olmus in single combat, cutting of his arm. The Golden Militia tried to avenge their fearless leader, but the reinvigorated Oestians and Kelvorians crushed the remaining army, and the war was then over.


Vaxus had no children or siblings, so the royal line stretching back to the founding of Embrosia was broken.


The economy of the four nations directly involved was at an all-time low, and the military was demolished. It took the better part of 60 years to rebuild and get Cauresia to its former glory.

Historical Significance


A statue in Wenhill raised in honor of Andred Baldravain.

In Literature

A number of books written in the years of rebuilding depicted the horrors of that war, as well as the military acheivments of generals like Andred. In countries like Embrosia, you will likely not find many books about Baldravain, for obvious reasons.

Technological Advancement

The biggest techological inventions due to the war was the crossbow and the longbow, along with the halberd and pike.

Conflict Type
Start Date
First armed conflict started 3rd of Demurity in the year 1262.
Ending Date
Embrosia was defeated in the Battle of The Abyss on the 25th of Epiphany in the year 1285.
Conflict Result
The Oestian-Kelvorian Alliance emerged victorious, Embrosia gained a new leader and thus breaking the id Olmus-line, and Ald'Ihn resumed control.


The Oestian-Kelvorian Alliance
The Southern Pact



Close to 10 million.
12-13 million.


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