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Llendas is a magical kingdom spanning some of the southern coast of Cauresia. It is where elves originated, and where most of them live today. The capital of Llendas is called Ar’Wen, and lies next to a big lake.


The ruler of Llendas is granted the title of King. Next to the king is the Curator of the Winds. The Curator acts as sort of a sectretary and a second in command. Both the king and the Curator of the Winds are chosen by the people and the Divocation.   Below those positions is The Divocation, which helps the king govern. The Divocation is divided into to parts, The Divocation of Order and The Divocation of Chaos. Most matters require both halves, but both parts still hold regular meetings on their own terms.   Each city is governed by a Dignitary, appointed by the Divocation.


Because the elven lands are teeming with magic, all elves are inherently magical to some degree. Because of this, magic is central to Llendasian culture. It is used by artisans, soldiers and artists alike. Some elves are born with an aptitude for magic, and these become Conjurers or Battle Conjurers. While all elves can use magic to an extent, an elf born without a talent for Conjuring is still far weaker than the weakest of human or dwarven Conjurers.     Conjurers, especially elven Conjurers have high status in elven society.   Azaríah is the most important god in Llendasian culture, and the elves therefore consider the Balance sacred. There must always be almost as many Chaos Conjurers as there are Order Conjurers, and Llendas’ society reflects this balance.   Magically enchanted food is unique to Llendas. Some animals living on the magical plains have evolved differently, and many believe their meat tastes better than normal meat. The plants’ growing process is magically accelerated.   The most important god by far is Azaríah, Goddess of Magic. There are many big temples dedicated to her School, and the main temple in Ar’Wen is considered one of Cauresias most beautiful constructions. There is also an academy dedicated to the study of magic in Ar’Wen, where people of all kingdoms come to study.   Typical Llendasian clothes are either violet, blue or white of color. Noble women’s dresses are usually made up of many different complex layers which combine to craft mesmerizing patterns of fabric. Noble men wear simple clothes compared to the women. Slim linen shirts, often silk coats embroidered in silver and tight-fitting breeches.   Llendasians of lower classes still wear mostly blue and white, and some grey and green instead of violet. They seldom wear coats, bearing woolen—and in some cases linen—shirts and leather tunics.


Even though Llendas is the youngest kingdom in Cauresia, it is not the poorest. Many of the wares found here is not found anywhere else, and therefore Llendasian food and other objects are in high demand. The Llendasians are perfectionists. The builders utilize magic during the construction of cities, all cities are as beautiful as they are fortified. The walls are 15 feet thick, almost impenetrable. All cities are constructed with a high midpoint, so archers and Conjurers always have the high ground while fending of an attack, and attackers must fight their way upwards. The Llendasian military use magically enchanted weapons, and their expertise in magic have given birth to a new division in their military, called Battle Conjurers.


When the humans first migrated from what would become Lathai, they were frightened by the magic suffusing the land. They instead went east and settled in the jungle. It was not before magic became properly studied and understood by the Embrosi that someone decided to venture into the before avoided area.   They discovered a land with drastically different flora and fauna than than had previously been seen.   The first permanent settlers were Embrosi scholars. They settled beside a lake, so that they could study magic’s life on land as well as in water. This was close to 50 years BFE. After a couple generations of immigrants and such, the magic began to affect even the people living there. The natural gracefulness of magic affected mostly the physical appearance—pointed ears, slimmer and longer stature, and even a slightly more angular face—but after a while even the way of thinking. They think more logically and don’t let their emotions overrule them very much.   It was after these changes that they became regarded as their own race, and got the name elves.   The elf Caeldrim Dirthannia founded Llendas in the year 249. It was not long after that Ald’Ihn extended the offer of inclusion into The Empire. Caeldrim accepted, and Llendas has been a important member ever since.

Founding Date
249 AFE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
King/Queen of Llendas

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