The Lungs of Palanoq


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Many years after the death of my sister, I heard her voice once again. Even the distant sound soothed my soul just as it had when she was alive. I wanted to leave it be, but the voice in my heart adamantly insisted that I give chase to whoever sung so beautifully— they were a challenge I had to match.   I could do little to resist, and I was grateful when I was unable to find the source of that wonderful music.

Lungs of Life

The Lungs of Palanoq can be found within the Qet TTRPG!   If one were lucky enough to obtain it, they would find its calming and healing properties quite useful.
  The Lungs of Palanoq is a tri-piped flute with the power to calm and heal those who hear its music. It is all that remains of Palanoq's sister, whose lungs were transformed into their current state by the hideous music emanating from the cursed man's arm.  

Stolen Breath

Following Palanoq's curse, the man was forced by a voice within his heart to challenge his sister, whose musical prowess had driven him to jealously. Playing the newly formed instrument of flesh upon his arm, Palanoq was unable to stop himself as his family suffered from its horrid sounds— and his sister, though she fought dearly, lost the musical battle. Whatever possessed the cursed music of Palanoq's instrument warped the flesh of those who heard it, and from her lungs was formed the tri-piped flute known today.  
It was my sister, however, who had it worst of all— and I could do nothing but watch as her transformation unfurled before me. She stared into my eyes and sang until she could no more— her voice straining as the meat of her neck began to open like a curtain, as her trachea began to push itself through the newly opened hole— followed by her lungs, which expanded and contracted with her wheezing words until they were, finally, crushed and twisted into the air before me. The flesh twisting itself into the form of a tri-piped flute, through which her last breaths sang, before it detached itself and fell to the ground with a sickening, wet, thud.
  In the aftermath, those that survived saw the flute as a curse— a mocking thing that could not even be given the same burial rites as the rest of the poor girl's body. As Palanoq's father, grief stricken, went to throw the still-warm instrument down a nearby cliff— a gust of wind blew through it. In that moment, it was as if his daughter was still alive. It sounded just like her, and he had to hear more. So, he brought the abhorrent thing to his lips, and played. To his surprise, the wounds sustained from Palanoq's music healed! He rushed to his family, and opened his mouth to shout ahead, and share his discovery— only to find himself unable to speak.   His daughter had been unable to speak since the day she learned to sing those soothing songs— somehow, playing the flute had done the same to him. Rather than risk more heartache, he stayed outside, and played— healing those who could hear, inside, before rushing off to hide the lungs in a nearby cave. He would die before telling anyone of the flute's location— though, eventually, it was found by a stranger. Now, after trading hands over hundreds of years, its whereabouts are unknown.  

Appearance & Usage

The light-pink flute is still warm to the touch, and lightly pulsates as if it were still alive. While both lungs have been collapsed and twisted into cylindrical forms, they remain situated across from one another, connected at an angle each to the trachea between them. The trachea itself extends slightly beyond the point at which the lungs meet, terminating in a cylindrical opening much like those shared by the lungs beside it. Several perfectly round holes are found along the top of the trachea, as well.  


To play, one simply picks up the flute by the trachea, and blows through it just as they would any other flute— placing their fingers over the myriad holes along its top to adjust the pitch to their desire. Those who wield the flute will find themselves adept at playing it, regardless of their prior skill or knowledge. As one plays, the lungs expand and contract as if they truly were singing.   While the flute's song is played, those near who hear its soothing melody will feel calm, and find wounds miraculously healed. One cannot target specific entities to heal, so distance is key to keep in mind— so as to avoid healing one's enemies. Thankfully, the lungs are only able to heal humans, and animals— monsters and eldritch beings receive no effect. However, those who play the lungs will find themselves unable to speak or play again until they are able to rest, and recover, from its effects.


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