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Qareen: Seven Sisters: Major Plots

The following are major plot hooks in the Seven Sisters module for Qareen.

1. The green-spot plague:
(Main hook for any healer.)

A sickness has been spreading slowly in Taef Sultanate. At the point where the player characters enter Taef, the Sultanate declares a quarantine. No one is to leave the Sultanate, on pain of death. Unless with the Sultan's permission.

By default, the situation is first explained by the harbor master, who's father is afflicted and is on death's door. The harbor master would divulge the following information:
  • The green spot sickness has started some months ago.
  • The symptoms are thumbprint-sized, dark-green spots that appear in random quantity and random areas of the body. The afflicted loses stamina slowly, and after one month, they are unable to stand, and a week after that, they die quietly.
  • The sickness is spreading randomly and indiscriminately. And the spreading has no set momentum; some days there are many new cases, and some days there are none.
  • Isolation, as well as food and drink monitoring yielded no clues and did not affect the spread.
  • All healers and physician have fled the Sultanate after realizing none of their cures have any effect.
  • The royal physician still remains, but he has been summoned to the palace a month ago, and has not been seen since.
If any of the players is interested in solving this mystery, the party gains these two objectives:
a. Find out the source and make sure it's neutralized.
b. Figure out the cure, test it, and report your findings to the authorities.

2. The Ravenous Wolves:
(Main hook for the Guide Guild member)

Wolves have inhabited the mountain caves to the North. They prey on Taef's main grazing pastures. These wolves are particularly nasty, and have reportedly hunted humans as well. There was a successful attempt to cull them at great loss. But it seems their numbers have replenished quickly.

Everyone in Taef has heard about the wolves and the brave, but tragic mission to deal with them. So, it's not hard to learn the basic details:
  • The wolves were never a major problem for the shepherd community in the North pastures. But, four months ago, a more powerful howling could be heard every night, and the wolves increased in number, size, and daring.
  • The Sultan never acknowledged the problem, and the military unit was gone, so the people rallied to deal with the wolves themselves. Shepherds and men from the neighboring towns gathered up tools, clubs, and rocks and went hunting one windy day.
  • The people gained confidence as they isolated a few wolves at a time and killed them. But at some point, without realizing, they got too close to the caves, and were encircled by a huge pack. And though they ultimately triumphed, many good men have died.
  • The corpses could still be scattered near the caves, but no man is foolish enough to go close to them.
  • There is, now, a bounty of a silver stick for each wolf head. Sponsored by the merchants who export the wool produced by the shepherd community.
If the Guide Guild member is in the party, they could gain additional information from the Guide Guild office at the harbor. The office is kept by a one-legged, one-eyed, old man called Naim, who is sitting on a rocking chair outside. The office has the guild's sign (a man on a horse on a boat), and a shade for a couple of mounts, at which a donkey is resting. Naim will offer the Guild Guide member the following:
  • The donkey.
  • A basic map of Taef Sultanate.
  • Travel gear, but no food.
  • The story of Azhar, the previous guide stationed here:
Azhar was a young man in his twenties who had a passion to explore, and kept a personal map of Taef on him. He answered the call to help cull the wolves. He took the office's only horse, and fine hunting bow, and went with the people to hunt. He never returned.

If any of the players is interested in solving this mystery, the party gains these two objectives:
a. Investigate the cause of the wolves’ viciousness.
b. Make the grazing pasture safe again.

If the Guide Guild member has spoken with Naim, they gain these two objectives:
c. Discover Azhar's fate, and report to Naim.
d. Help Naim get a couple of mounts for the Guide Guild office.

3. The Corsairs:
(Main hook for the Bounty Hunter)

Several of the city’s youth have banded together, stolen a ship and are now committing piracy on what little sea traffic the harbor is receiving. The harbor master, along with the notable merchants, have placed a bounty of half a fist of silver on the capture of these pirates.

By default, the party learns about the bounty from the notice board, any harbor inn, or the harbor master.
The harbor master will not ask or encourage the party to hunt the pirates, as he believes they are still children, and will come back to their senses once piracy has proven to be too harsh of a lifestyle.

If any of the players is interested in solving this mystery, the party gains this objective:
  • Stop the acts of piracy on Taef's coast.
If the party gains access to a boat at the harbor, the harbor master will, once, try to discourage them from hunting the pirates. And if they persist, he will implore the party not to kill any of the teenage pirates.

4. The Running Path Bandits:
(Main hook for the Bounty Hunter)

Bandits are hiding in the South, and are preying on trade caravans. They are believed to be very dangerous. The Viser is recruiting specialists to deal with this problem.
If the party speaks with any official or royal guard, they will learn the following:
  • The bandits started their activities five months ago.
  • The bandits are slippery and cunning, to the point that there's no information about their number, leadership, or hiding place.
  • They focus on raiding caravans using the Running Path, which is the South West road into Taef.
  • They steal what's easy to carry or toe, and burn the rest. But they don't kill pointlessly.
  • The Viser is recruiting a specialist team of capable individuals and Fursan (knights), to deal with the problem. The reward is said to be very handsome.
If the party speaks with the Viser, they additionally learn the following:
  • The bandits are only targeting caravans belonging to the Sultan and his relatives.
  • The Viser suspects that the bandits are the missing army unit, due to how organized and disciplined they are.
If any of the players is interested in solving this mystery, the party gains these two objectives:
a. Join the Wali’s special team.
b. Deal with the bandits.

5. The Tear's Serpents:
(Main hook for the Merchant Guild Enforcer)

There are rumors of large serpents coming out of Tae'f Tear lake and attacking travelers passing nearby. Caravans are hard to convince to take any path near the lake, fearing these rumors. This problem is slowing down trade, and effecting what little economy the Sultanate still has.
If the party asks for more information in the trade post North of the lake, they'll hear stories of a giant serpent that lives in the lake, and is the master of all these large serpents that attack people. They wrap themselves around the legs of travelers and drag them into the lake to feed their master's bottomless hunger, at the bottom of the lake.

If any of the players is interested in solving this mystery, the party gains this objective:
  • Investigate the serpents' rumor.
  • Neutralize the threat in Taef's Tear lake.
If the Merchant Guild Enforcer is int he party, they additionally gain this objective:
  • Convince the caravan leaders to use the path by the lake again.

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