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Qareen race: Adas

Adasians are humanoids that originated and live on the Southern most continent known as Adasia. They refer to themselves as Adas regardless of gender.


Adasians, on average, are slightly bigger than the largest of Humans. Their fingers and toes are longer by comparison but they have only two segments. And soles of their feet are significantly thicker and tougher.

They have a large mane of wool instead of hair, which covers their scalp, forehead and entire neck. The mane is 'poofy', giving them a mushroomy look; much alike an afro and sometimes a pompadour for the males. While generally the same, the females tend to have more volume around their necks than on their head. They have no mustache, beard or eyebrows. The colors of their wool comes in black, white, and all shades of grey. The rest of their skin has wool in the same proportions and volume as Human body hair.


Adasians have a strong affinity to cattle, and other domestic animals. They also have a natural understanding of animal language and behavior, which extends to instinctively know the difference between the cries of infants.

They lack ambition, greed, and lust. But they love exploring, they tend to hoard, and they constantly seek companionship.

They are slow to anger, and forgive easily. And when their conflict leads to violence, they lose their anger at the sight of first blood.


Adasians are nomadic shepherds. They have no concept of land ownership, or settlement. Due to their home continent's tundra-like nature, they see no logical reason to stay long in any one place. Rather, they lead their flock to graze from pasture to pasture. They have no form of government, military, or even tribes. They see themselves as all of one people. And though their elders have more say and sway on all communal matters, it's rare that a decisive word is required.


Their concept of family is whomever is travelling with them at the time. They have no concept of marriage or parenthood. The males regard mating as a tasking chore, reserved to the biggest, strongest, and healthiest among them. While the females develop an insistent urge to make children, that resembles hunger. It hits them every few years, and they usually resort to bribery or trade for the male's effort. The children are cared for as part of the flock, and may part from their biological parents by choice or accident, without it being an issue.


Adasians have never bought into any religion. The idea seems too complex for their lifestyle whenever preached to them. They think that if there is a God or Gods, they would make themselves known plainly. That's why they revere nature. Adasians make a point to visit natural sights that fill them with awe. They share stories of such places and urge each other to travel to such sights. They leave trinkets and have feasts at the locations. They name their children after the sights they were born at, or name the sight after themselves.
They do have some strange rituals that they have no background story for. It is just the way. One of such is making sure the sick, violent, or frail of their cattle is separated from the flock and lost to be hunted by wild animals. They also never eat from the same cattle they own; they see it as eating their own children. And with their strong affinity to cattle, it's obvious to them which sheep or goat belongs to whom. What they do instead is, whenever two groups or more meet, they make trades of head for head, and have a third party do the butchering.

Adasians do not believe in an afterlife, nor in any form of reincarnation. They strip their dead clean of any belongings, and distribute them among whoever was present. Then they shave the mane and share it as well, before leaving the corpse to be claimed by nature. No further ceremony or words are said, only gloomy silence by the ones closest to the deceased.


Adasian language is simplistic, with short words, loose grammar, a small vocabulary and many, many sounds. Scholars, mockingly, refer to it as baby talk. However, many Adasian songs are outrageously famous around the whole world for how fun and silly they are. They resemble beat-boxing and yodeling. Other races mimic the Adasian language when they wish to mock the intelligence of a person, which leads people to wrongly think that Adasians lack intelligence. This misconception is supported by the experience of seeing translated negotiation with the Adas. Phrases like annual contract, warranty, insurance, profit margin, etc. take too long to translate, because there are no Adasian words that sum up these concepts.

There is no Adasian script, but they use common symbology to leave information on trees and rocks via carving or painting.

Economy and Industry:

Adasians depend solely on trade of goods or service and have no concept of currency. They accept copper and silver sometimes, out of interest in the metal coins as trinkets. If an Adasian accepts a deal, it is almost certain they'll accept the same deal in the future without any change or consideration of demand and supply. That said, meeting and dealing with the same Adas repeatedly is a rare event.

Adas are experts at producing goods that come from cattle; dairy products, wool, fur, and hide, bone tools, instruments, and sculptures. If the raw material comes from a domesticated animal, then you'll find an Adas who excels at making it. That said, they don't create weapons beyond what's needed to fend off or trap wild beasts. They do shy away from chopping down entire trees and mining deeply. However, they have no qualms with acquiring wood and metal through trade.

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