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Emorine the Old, Lord Lamkonn of Rämenara

Prince Emorine tar-Lamkonn (a.k.a. the Old)

Amongst the eldest of all nobles, Lord Lamkonn the Old was an exceptionally well connected prince, who was jokingly rumored to only die upon the Sea taking its due-- He was of such a great age, that a young tortoise he was rumored to have had in his youth, had died before him. Still, a spry man. Player of feudal politics of virtuous proportions, as well as a legend of diplomacy. He had seen not only two, but three amendements to the Taergaledian consitution, and had had a considerable influence in this contents of which, some say, as his wintery, yet quite wealthy lands were conveniently let outside of the King of Taergaled's sphere, instead the King of yore marrying Lamkonn's niece as a prince, who later on came to power after a series of deaths in the family due to disease-- Lamkonn had children and grand-children in virtually every court, even in Mihur and the City.   Lamkonn the Old had a profound influence upon the Harkgan, Eregieth-tar. The young lord was quite the soldier, yet lacked the courtly skills to truly become Duke, which as an idea was presented to him by Lamkonn. Indeed, many consider Lamkonn to be a mentor of sort, who appears before worthy ones. Harkgan, Khaerlemmen, Ventarier Vintarva-tar the Duchess to Harkgan, and several others gained valuable insight to politics and philosophy from the apparently ancient man.   Lamkonn had a son, who was generally referred to Young Lamkonn, his youngest. This young man came to become Emperor. He overshadowed his father, yet the presence of the Old was always with his son, who came to a great gloom upon him dying, even going on to have odd delusions of the ancient man never having died, but only moving on to Fathers know where, and the Young Lamkonn sent men to seek him. This was considered a symptom of shell shock, and the Emperor expended much energy into looking to find any trace of his father, never speaking of him after death. It *is*, however, rumoured, that the sepulcher of Lamkonn in Rämenara was found empty, and that a man of the Old Prince's likeness had been spotted in Cal Mihur-- after his son had died, aged 70. Being an Imperial head of state, the Emperor was seen as little more than eccentric, as shell shocked 'chased in the night' individuals were present everywhere after the wars, even in Royal persons.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Old and past his prime, yet spry to the point of looking decades younger.

Body Features

Very fair skin, which was smooth and cold to the touch. Healed quickly, if nicked or bruised.

Facial Features

Symmetrical, neither long nor narrow in features, Lamkonn the Old was a prime example of a Kiri lord.

Identifying Characteristics

None to speak of.

Physical quirks

At times fell silent whilst speaking, and had to collect himself to the moment. Very good posture for a centenarian, even if he was most comfortable with a walking stick.

Apparel & Accessories

Garbed in typical Rämenaran fashion; simple, warm felt and wool, skins and leather shoes. Grey, blue and white. Carried a sword, and at times a hidden musket, which he had used a fair few times in the past.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Very little is known of the Old and his early life, as few remain to remember it. He was a warrior of considerable note, and spent some ten years in captivity before being released, returning to his home only to see his wife deadly ill, children grown and parents passed. Lord Lamkonn fought both for Mölqara, and Mihur, and was captured by Qara, being held a tribunal to consider him a war-criminal due to him refusing to relinquish items of Qum, and executing prisoners due to a tactical necessity. He was imprisoned and waiting for ransom, which the Kiri eventually caved to. He had escaped once-- only surrendering upon trying to cross the Southern Desert to Mihurite Colonies by foot. He was apparently tortured for defying the Empire in all ways, threatened to be crucified. Upon returning, much of Rämenara, which had sent some thousand or so soldiers to fight in Mölqara as mercenaries, had moved on. Lamkonn would muse that his youth was for those to have lived with him to keep, as one of his age would remember not whys or hows, but only that sands of time did flow, and then what?   Lamkonn soon remarried upon a tearful departure of his wife, who swore eternal love to a man she had waited for a decade. This began a storm of feudal marriages, which brough the thus far somewhat distant land into the center of Kiri politics, to the point of Lord Lamkonn being advisor to Ventarier kings, as well as Khaerlemmen, Khórr and L'ostav. Five kings of Taergaled passed whilst Lamkonn reigned - only one did not employ his advice. He came with gifts, and not only words; expected in return to be left alone, or else. His command of the Grey Sea was absolute, as with his loyalty one could be assured that no fleet would pass Cal Caerad to invade.   In 7-640, he has lived a live of feudal games, and has unknown ambitions and aims for his youngest son, who is apparently his favorite, as well as the one he did *not* marry away, rather keep in reserve, as the son would remark. Lamkonn the Old has seen to the preparation of a Kiri state of unified Taergaled and Harnoth, as well as sworn his House to the one his son would marry-- either by accident, or incredible foresight, the Lamkonn would marry to Ventarier Vinatre-tar, Duchess of Issqar as well as heiress to the Lithen Pulpet. She would one day be Empress, and the Young Lamkonn emperor--


Unknown. Man of exceptional education, apparently self-taught.


Diplomat of Rämenara for decades; soldier, mentor, politician. Public speaker, who only stopped upon growing so old as to be barely able to stand.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lamkonn the Old is seen as amongst the most cunning, long-thinking lords in the East. He married and manipulated the lords and their subjects into letting his land belongings virtual amnesty in being unassailable, as he could always call upon almost all other lords to defend him. He made deals with the island pirates to come to him, and suffer no ship sail upon 'his' Sea, the Fierce Grey, unless by his dispensation.   Trade and communication may flow by sea, or stop at Lamkonn's word. Tvbéra is under his influence, as well as Taergaled, who constantly seek to evade the 'blockade' and sail free to Mihur.

Failures & Embarrassments

Unknown. Lord Lamkonn the Old and his time a young, reckless man were far, far gone.

Mental Trauma

Unknown. Was apparently chased-in-the-night, even well into his 100th year. Suffered from occasional amnesia.

Intellectual Characteristics

Spoke several tongues, and was an excellent judge of character. He was able to hide his deepest, earning himself a title of being 'clad in smoke'.

Morality & Philosophy

Apparent real politiker, who believed in those resolutions to work, and create lasting effects. Few could truly peer into Lamkonn's mind and be certain of what strategies he employed, as his tactics were smoke as well...


Despised the Orthodox temple. Longed for the great days of Mihur and the Adherent seeing to the 'continuation of all life and human achievement being the very life blood of Mihur-- perfection, personal connection to God. For that is what is required of a truly free man.'

Personality Characteristics


Very little is known of Lamkonn the Old and his goals. A man about to die in some years, he is considered to have created a solid base for an Empire to spring from his hundreds of noble contacts, most of them by blood.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Unknown. Lord Lamkonn was always the face of competence, if not excellence. As an ancient human being, he had trouble with the physical, and preferred to be carted and not ride.

Likes & Dislikes

Very few people know him to comment. Harkgan-Duke realized the Old Man was equally hostile to needless excess. He asked to see the Harkgan's Qum-Sword, the Smiling Companion, and was very pleased to realize only the edge was reinforced with the precious metal, as any more would be utterly wasteful.

Virtues & Personality perks

Incredibly diplomatic and charismatic. He is not likeable; rather, one would trust this man after a brief time speaking. Dedicating to him for years, one would virtually accept him a second father.

Vices & Personality flaws

Loves Brandy from Mihur, called Cerevirer's Mark, which, a small company and vineyard, House Lamkonn bought out from the Mihurite republic after a bidding war in 7-589. This was amongst the reasons for Mihur opening her borders to some of the workforce looking to move to the City. Lamkonn himself is often sleepy with drink, and sometimes dozes off in his private sessions and sometimes before diplomats. This is seen more a flaw of his immense age.

Personality Quirks

Very piercing gaze, which matches his elder age. It is as looking into the depths of the sea itself.


Smells faintly of fine brandy, which he tends to sip daily. Is bathed regularly, and is seldom brought to sweat due to effort, or heat.


Contacts & Relations

Everyone noble knew Lamkonn, likely by first-name basis.

Family Ties

Too many to count. Special, leather-bound books were sold to keep track of his married sons and daughters, and their children, and their children, numbering nearly 200.

Religious Views

Atheist, with a fondness towards Sleep as a philosophy. Atheism was seen very bold by even the Kiri, as how could one be so certain?

Social Aptitude

Somewhat cautious when dealing with others, but quite certain and difficult to influence once set. He would politely refuse to comply, and was apparently impossible to bully or threaten, and seemed always to come off with some benefit to himself with his dealings in balls and negotiations.


Slight smile, whilst eyeing over the shoulder of the one he was speaking with. His smile would widen if ventured into awkward discussions, which he would rather not solve or end, but win.

Hobbies & Pets

Goldsmith in his youth. Referred to as 'tortoise keeper' for he had exotic animals in his menagerie.


Smooth, practiced and clear in speech, Lord Lamkonn the Old had few of the flaws in communication common to the elderly. His voice was seen forgettable, and not quite the same if met later. He would switch his tone and figures of speech according to place, time and situation. Lamkonn was almost always very calm and collected, at least judged by him speaking.

Wealth & Financial state

It is not known, whether Lamkonn the Old owns the free navies around Rämenara and the Grey Sea islands, or if they hold him hostage somehow. It is clear, however, Lamkonn is a powerful house, with immense wealth. Where is this wealth tied? Nobody knows. Lamkonn much prefers for even his minor secrets being so - unknown. The House owns newspapers, prints, papermills and even services of those most expert in printing and writing. Lamkonn has personally, in the past, funded plays, epic poems, and the Opera of Tvbéra, which was in part built with *his* funds as well as expertise on acoustics. This was 65 years ago-- it is assumed he was the one to introduce the Slëmonochi salongs as well to the city.   Being Prince, Lamkonn the Old is very high in succession to the Lithen Pulpet. He is at times asked, if he had ever ambition to become emperor. He would muse such ambitions are not him, even if he would desire power. However, his son became Lord of all Kiri-- and the empire was powerful and stable after the Old Lord's indstructed lords and ladies.   Lamkonn owned the straights from Caradian Coast, and took in a considerable sum for each ship to pass. This wealth alone was considerable. Lamkonn estate was perhaps third most wealthy in the Kiri-lands, with Tvbéra and House Ventarier being above his.

Kiri of the Orient
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince Lamkonn, Suzerain over the Frozen North, Sea-farer and the Grand-father of Houses
529 645
Circumstances of Birth
Born into Rämenaran royalty, he was the Heir to Dukedom
Circumstances of Death
Rumours abound of him never dying-- these are dismissed as nonsense by most
According to lore, Rämenara.
Current Residence
Rämenara, as well as the Lithen Pulpet, or Senate of Taergaled.
Biological Sex
Had some dozen children, of whom nine lived to adulthood.
Gender Identity
Unknown. Apparently Kiri he/him.
Dark blue, with some cataracts
Shoulder long, white and thin
190cm. Typical Kiri.
80kg. Quite slim. Qaran gravity is lower!
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Khórr was no fool. He was well ahead of his time-- however, his contemporaries were not, obviously enough. I doubt we will see one like him."   "Much of what one learns in war one can apply to diplomacy. Take the part of yon enemy, and observe him, from inside. Irritable? Entice his ferocity. Prideful? Use this. You know how. Honorable? Hmph. He may see a dagger in the night-- but not vile, red apple offered by his bride. Men always see what they wish to see, and they believe something. In stead of good believes they will settle for worse ones, something - anything - to give their world a central pillar. Climb they it or not. And if they do? Yes, if they do. Would you?"   "I speak not in riddles, Lord Harkgan. The meaning is plain to see for one to have eyes to believe it. If they choose to believe it. Do you?"
Known Languages
All Eastern tongues. Mihurite scripts, Qaran, Mölqaran tongues, even Sarlükkan. A true polyglot.
Character Prototype
I have a very specific character as a template for this central character in Qaran history, but revealing which one would be a huge spoiler. Part of the D&D universe - some will guess right away.

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