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Qaf Arisen

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The year is 1923. The world of the unseen, home to Djinn and all the other supernatural creatures of the world, has been gradually leaking into ours. Their appearance and interference in worldly politics, as well as new and terrifying technologies developed via the exploitation of resources found only across the emerald mountain of Qaf, have changed the course of the world as we know it.   In India, a Rakshasa claiming to be the heir of Ravana has thrown the East India Company out of Sri Lanka and declared the island his kingdom. The Republic of Mysore has defended itself through the development of walking war machines, and having reclaimed their coast looks to throw the Company from the subcontinent. Meanwhile, the Marathas and Mughals look to recover from their long centuries of humiliation and reclaim their former glory.   Across the planet, similar developments occur. Iran's dynasty has married into Djinn royalty, and now negotiates democratic reform. The Dominican Republic manages its mainland territory in Louisiana and internecine tensions with the American South and native powers to its north. The Mapuche seek recognition as their own nation instead of a rebellious part of two other countries. China, the Ottoman Empire, Mongolia, Poland, Scotland.   Ideology, new peoples, and new technologies war with ancient forces of colonial oppression. And those same forces reach to dark things, forgotten things, in a desperate attempt to solidify their power.

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