The Abyss

These lands are lost to us. The dark rules here.
  The abyss are lands conquered by the dark, far away from light. They have drowned in physical dark and turned into a blackened, alien world, home to things that could live nowhere else or tolerate even the faintest light. Most of the Abyssal plains are far away from human lands, away from where the still shattered sun sheds feeble light. Everything that once lived there has died, and been replaced by things spawned and crafted from the whatever hive-mind that controls the darkness.  
by Midjourney by Q
Slowly, the abyss has begun to change the world it now inhabits. Fungal spires raise towards the darkened skies and spew hazy clouds that dim the light and buzz with a thousand voices. The ground has been shorn down to the bedrock and rebuilt, a mix of cancerous swells and sleek, curved structures not too that jut from the earth like a ribcage. Great halls of carapace-like domes rise and fall again into the dark that created it, turning back to rot only to rise again. Tendrils that look like bone crawl like vines and cover the ground for miles.
  The Abyss is not a place for humanity. Their hold on this world is lost, and expeditions there are done only by the most brave and most desperate. But what are these if not desperate times? Some hope to find some sort of heart, some sort of face to strike out at and put an end to the dark. Others brave the terrible cities raised in the dark and tell tales of an twisted mockery of life. Inch by inch, light by extinguished light, the Abyss grows further and further. The cities of mankind become isolated isles of flickering light in an ocean of devouring darkness.   The end is near. Everyone can feel it. Everyone can see the Abyss, heralding the final end to mankind's story on this world.   On this world. Just because there is no hope doesn't mean there's a reason to give up.
by Midjourney by Q
by Midjourney by Q

Cover image: by Midjourney by Q


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