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Sobek Enterprises

Spikefish World is an underwater magitech steampunk setting where pufferfish-like creatures cover the ocean surface with waves of Spikefish, preventing traditional ships from sailing the ocean blue, instead relying on Crawlers, massive cities that walk across the ocean floor during Spikefish season when the ocean surface is covered in Spikefish. Did I mention Spikefish also bring magic into this world by excreting magical waste which harbors bright lively underwater reefs filled with strange and mystical sea life. Also in large quantities sometimes that waste goes magically nuclear, sometimes resulting in fantastical magic and rifts to otherworldly places, but often it leads to magical cancers.
  A conglomerate of the world's most successful businesses under a single board of directors.  
  The Ocean is vast and full of wonders, and we will bring light to this darkness. For it is ours to explore, and ours to take.
— Director Sobek
  The Flood was the end for many, but not for all. Sobek Enterprises was birthed the moment The Flood happened, as empires fell Sobek was prepared for all eventualities and used new technology to float their headquarters on the seas, the first floating city was developed. Using their ability to move slowly between islands the fleet grew and was vital for trade across many powerful mainlands of the old. Now their cities are still central hubs of trade and use those profits to invest in ventures to explore and exploit natural resources deep below the waves. But as admirable as Sobek's ideals were it has since been filled with aggressive meritocracy and corruption, or perhaps it was always that way.  


How can you chastise Sobek Enterprise's methods when you trade with our cities? Use our tools? Wear our clothes? Without us your ancestors would have starved on islands of poisoned wells and dying crops. Remember our history, and enjoy a discount for the inconvenience.
— Sobek Enterprises PR & Consumer Support
  The 4X: To explore, expand, exploit, and exemplify. To further humanity through wealth, territory, resources, or innovations. The hand of Sobek Enterprises touches nearly anything remotely profitable and will draw investors to help fund any ventures, the sum of wealth and resources are often hard to refuse.   Sobek Enterprises believes no cost is too high, as long as it pays itself off in the future, this long term thinking works to great success for profits but met with great "criticisms" as the cost often involves changing the lives of thousands of people for better or worse.   As Sobek Enterprises owe their success to Spikefish, it is no surprise they welcome these creatures. Seeing Spikefish not as a nuisance that ruined pre-Flood humanity's way of life but a nearly infinite source of wonders, resources, and most importantly wealth for practically zero cost.

Culture and Society

Isn't it magnificent? A true marvel of humanity's greatness. When nature has failed us, poisoned our waters, ruined our lands, destroyed our old ways we simply make our own lands. That is what separates humans from beast.
— Sobek Engineer admiring a newly built Floater
One of Sobek's Enterprises greatest innovations, the Floaters, are ancient cities which were meant to survive purely off of the ocean's resources while floating on it's surface. Their ancient designs still hold up today with vast networks of Spikefish collectors and patrols make the immediate area around the cities safe from all kinds of marine life.

Common Customs

All employees of Sobek Enterprises carry a memento of their respective enterprises as a greeting. This allows Directors of companies to advertise their presence and be aware of current and new Sobek businesses in the area.  


Idleness is a corporate sin to Sobek Enterprises are humanity is still in great strife and needs all employees to work towards the benefit of humanity, whether through volunteering, learning, study, art, or other productive activities.

Social Structure

From order we find structure, from structure foresight, from foresight we lay down our future in front of our eyes.
— Sobek Human Resources
Sobek Enterprises is led by a board consisting of all directors which vote on loose regulations and codes of conducts. The more successful a company is the more votes it receives. Under that each company operates differently according to the regulations and codes set, violations of these codes/regulations can result in embargo and in worse cases expulsion from the board.


The stability, size, and year-round availability of Sobek Enterprises' Floaters make them the perfect trading hubs for any and all consumers that visit, bringing in vast amounts of resources and wealths.   Sobek Enterprises uses this wealth to invest in further third party ventures to give themselves an edge against other companies. They do so by sending investors with large sums of wealth and resources, many find it hard to refuse such aid in times of scarcity.   This results in Sobek Enterprises having a hand in nearly every market they are able to do so.


Floaters are often patrolled by a combination of Sobek Enterprises elite security armed with the finest diving suits and equipment money can buy. Their patrols consist of various hired mercenary groups keeping an eye on each other to combat piracy and smuggling from outside ships.


Table of Contents

  1. Ideology
  2. Culture and Society
    1. Common Customs
    2. Taboo
    3. Social Structure
    4. Economy
  3. Military


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