Abina Urbina

Abina Urbina- Khumalo (She/her)

Abina Urbina is the mother of Augustus and Julius Urbina and Ma'ki to their children. She was was born a member of the Khuloma clan. They Immigrated to the Spanse in the early 20s. They were a clan of shifter fishers and farmers, whose island was devastated by a locust that has been brought over by a missionary. The bugs multiplied exponentially and the island was soon stripped of all vegetation. So, they were forced to move.

They ended up on the outskirts of the Colonies where they would eventually meet the equally down on their luck Urbina Family. The two family's had a common enemy in a local gang that was making trouble for everyone at the time. Once all of that was over, leaving both the Urbina and Khuloma clans down members, the two bartered a deal to combine their resources, the clan leaders heedless of what they were agreeing to.

Abina, whom had grown close Lucas Urbina and his sister Corina, marries Lucas in hopes that her entire family doesn't have to suffer as much from the curse that was currently eating the spirits of the circus and the Urbina family. It works to an extent but like everyone on the periphery of the family... the curse began to rub off on everyone. Once her second son was born a wolf shifter, Abina had to come clean about her family's abilities and quickly discovered that Lucas's family was also rumored to have a similar ability. She had been perplexed that her youngest form was that of a wolf... but Lucas mentioned that his father's name had been Adolphus. She could infer the rest.

By the time their sons had been born, Zarroff's hold on the families under the curse had only grown tighter. They were both terrified that Julius would be executed if he was discovered. So between her family, Lucas and Corina... they hid the baby from the larger group. But about a year and half after the child was born, the circus was attacked by a gang. The family was slipt up during the attack. Abina had taken their then 8 year old Augustus son and followed the group. It was later rumored that her son, husband and sister in law was nowhere to be found.

She and Augustus would mourn their loss for years after. However, that did not mean that Abina lost her spirit, it came back readily to the forefront when Zaroff started threathening Augustus's family. She may have not been a fan of her son's choice in a wife... but she would defend her blood.

Eventually, Zaroff would physically remove her as an obstacle buy selling her off to another circus, when he discovered her shifting ability. So, now she is trapped behind dirty glass and wonders day after day what became of her loved ones.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
1925 59 Years old
almond shaped emerald eyes
Long black locs
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Brown skin
5' 5"
185 lbs
Aligned Organization


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